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Nice to her your mom is finishing her final round of chemo, but on the other hand when I read your posting I got a little concerned. My husband has SCLC Stage IV which is in his brain. He has been one of the lucky ones and has had it in his brain for 1 year with no complications. I did ask my husband if from any of the chemo he ever had that problem and he said no. He does get pressure once in a while but they do think that is from the mets to the brain.
Not to scare you and to make sure all is okay with your mom I would call the doctor and let them know what happened. Sadly enough with SCLC for some reason it likes to jump to the brain. I know your mom did not have scans that long ago, but if you have read other posts here there have been cases where the SCLC moves very quickly. I do hope and pray it is just a side effect from chemo and nothing other than that Oh, what type of chemo is she on? My husband first did Estopside and Cisplatin then he became resistant to that and did Topotecan and that did not work so now he is doing CPT 11 and Carboplatin. Is your mom on any of those?

My best to you and your mom....keep us posted and hope she is feeling better soon!