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I can understand the overwhelming shock and stress you are experiencing...my husband was diagnosed June 05 with Stage IV SCLC(never smoked) which at that time was already in his brain, bones, liver, adrenal, lymph nodes. He has survived 14 months!!! We know there is no cure for what he has and he is now on 3rd line chemo which he will finish on August 16th. He will wait about 3 weeks and have his scan done to see where he stands. I cannot lie and say it has been an easy battle for him, but he has such a strong will to live since we have a son who will soon be 17 and one who is 10. We have had some wonderful times on his good days and plan day trips on a whim when he feels good. You asked what type of treatment is he on....
His first line of chemo was Etopside and Cistplatin
2nd line of treatment was Topotecan
3rd line of treatment is Irintecan and Carboplatinum
When he finished his 1st line of treatment of Etopside and Cistplatinum he had a 30% reduction of the cancer in his lungs and liver. He finished treatment in the middle of September. Toward the end of December he started feeling worse and had scans in January only to find out that 30$ reduction he had gained was gone...the cancer was growing once again. Started him on Topotecan...did nothing! Then on May 4th he started the 3rd line so we will see....from what we can tell he does not seem to be feeling better so we are getting concerned...but not dwelling on it...cannot change the results. (boy, sure wish we could!) So..hope that helps you understand what is going on since you were wondering if anyone else out there is going thru the same thing. Feel free to ask anything...would love to help and hope you find some comfort and friends thru this posting board as I have and I know many others have too...you will be added to my prayers...stay strong for your dad. Kim