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First of all I am sorry to hear about your husband's cancer. Brace yourself to have your up and down days as you see your husband battle this disease. My husband as extensive SCLC and was diagnosed June 05 and has outlived his doctor's expectations! I cannot say the battle has been easy, there are tough times, there are good times. You just need to brace yourself for the ups and downs. (if that is even possible) My husband's 1st line of chemo was Etopside and Cisplatin. I was on the phone with the doctors too and was so worried. I honestly have to say out of all the chemos my husband had he says that was the worst. My husband too just slept and laid in bed and even landed himself in the hospital on our wedding anniversary for a week. (I told him if he wanted the view of the beach we could have gone to a hotel...his room had a beautiful view of Newport Beach) But on the postive side he finished the chemo and started feeling better! Yes, we spent the entire summer with him very sick from the chemo, but...he got about 2 1/2 months of good quality time after that AND 30% reduction of his cancer! The doctor stopped all treatment at that time and let him enjoy life, but then late December 2005 I noticed he was not feeling well again and thought not a good sign. He had scans once again, which showed the 30% reduction was gone. So...he started his 2nd line of chemo Topotecan and ended up back in the hosptial in February 2006 for yet another stay overlooking the ocean. The topotecan did not do what we wanted and then the 3rd line of chemo, then he completed his 4th line of chemo on Dec. 4th and this coming Monday he starts his 5th line of chemo. Please don't get discouraged. I met a lady in the doctor's office who had Etopside and Cistplatin with a 90% reduction! I do remember the worst thing with Etopside and Cistplatin was the terrible metallic taste. I honestly went to the store since he was so upset he could drink nothing and bought about 20 different juices and drinks and about 6 different types of water. He found out he could only drink purified water (a certain brand to top it off, lol) I also made him a lot of soups (homemade so not too much sodium) He was too weak to warm up things while I was out with the boys schedules so I bought a thermos that I put the soup in and left it on the counter with crackers and bread and spoon so he could just open it and eat it. He also got really ***arre cravings while on that chemo! When he started feeling better toward the end he asked for chili dogs! I thought he was joking since he never ate them before. (how could I deny him of a chili dog...and the boys thought it was so cool dad liked junk food.
Ok, I have rambled but I feel your pain and know what you are going thru. Oh, how many treatments has he had so far since you mentioned they will be doing scans soon?
You take care and sorry you have to be at work...but when my husband had that chemo he did not want anyone to bother him and it was really hard since the boys were on their summer vacation! He loved the house to be quiet.
Anyway, I hope I have helped in some way or another. I will be here for you as many others too.