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I also have ovarian cancer, diagnosed first time in 1998, Had total hysterectomy and omentum removed. I had 5 years with NED( No Evidence of Disease), then it came back in my naval. IN the second surgery they took my spleen and several inches of my intestine. I had IV chemo after both surgeries. I had a reaction to the Carboplatin so I had to switch to Gemzar and Topotecan...and I never thought I would finish. well 2 years later I have tumors next to my liver. They are using breast cancer drugs now, Tamoxifen, Femara and now Faslodex. Sometimes I get scared, usually before a CT scan, but you must stay positive. I've lived with this for 9 years and I plan to be an ooooooolllllddddd lady! Hang in there and stay positive.
My mom just started taking topotecan. She is a 5 year survivor. They just found out that her chemo wasn't working, so they switched her to this. She has had diarrhea really bad and got very dehydrated last week to the point of mental confusion. Did you have a lot of side effects with this med? Thanks,, and best wishes to everyone here...:wave: Jitterygal