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My mother was just recently found to have developed tumors again in her abdominal area for the third time. The first time she had ovarian cancer stage 3. Anyway, she has just been told that her treatments are not working this time and has been put on Topotecan. She has to go every day this week, then has 2 weeks off. She does this cycle for 10 weeks. Does anyone have any experience with this drug? Any help would be appreciated...

I also have Ovarian cancer stage 3 and I took Topotecan for about a month about 1 1/2 years ago. Out of all of the chemos I have been on this one had the least amount of side effects for me. I had problems with the toptecan causing bowel issues which were complicated further by the fact the I had some cancer masses on my intestines.

I had taken carboplatin and taxotere before the topotecan which neither of them worked for me at all. Actually none of the chemos I have been on have worked for me. The only the thing that I have found to be beneficial is radiation and to quit taking anyform of HRT. For me at least, the HRT seems to fuel my cancer to grow.

Good luck to you and your mother