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I agree with reachout. There are so many variables. I have been on for different chemo treatments and had pretty different results with each. I was first on carboplatin and taxotere and it was by far the ahrdest one for me. I was very nausous, achey, very fatigued, weak, weight loss, and I lost all my hair. I did one 4 or 5 hour treatment every 3 weeks and believe me it took me that whole time to recover.

Then I was on Topotecan. I think that was the one that I had once a week for 3 weeks then a week off and then repeat. I wasn't as sick and my hair started to grow back by I had issues with my bowels and lots of fatigue.

then I was on another drug for a short amount of time with similar side effects

lastly I was on doxel. I had the mostly had issues with fatigue and nausuea again but I also had this constant weird taste in my mouth .

I was also told the "sometimes you have to get sicker to get better" It is very true with cancer specifically.

Good luck