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Hi....tomorrow i go w/ my mom and sister to hear detailed result of her last scans....after Topotecan....when first round of 4 cycles had cancer grow....still no good results...called and asked for a preliminary report.....his reccomendation is palliative care...as Cancer seems to be chemo resistant....I agree....It is all about quality......and not necessarily quantity at this point.....sister and i were in agreement at this point...then last night....wants to push for anything and everything....regardless of quality..I think it is just panick on her part...I want hospice...early...my sis does not want it discussed until the very end...any suggestions on handling family dynamics....would be appreciated...it is my MOM"s life...her desision...but she is looking to us for advice...and if we are not on the same page....will be a hard day...to give you an idea......has sclc in lung/partially collapsed / spots in sternum/spots in spine/ tumor...now additional spots in Liver/ tumors in kidney/ MRI shows questionable areas in brain now.....she is feeling ok now...that is my focus....do not want her to go thru more chemo...that will make her feel sick, when doc does not feel it would do anything...
[QUOTE=Janmarie2;3335075]Carol, You are so right about it being yor mom's decision and about quality verses quanity of life. I am sure you sister is just afraid of saying good bye and who can blame her there as it is hard to lose a mother or to even think of the loss. My mom died of NSCLC in Nov 2006.
. At the end of a 2.5 yr battle she decided to stop chemo as her qaulity of life was not what she wanted and yes it was hard to see her make that decision and even harder still when she got upset when the hospice doctor told her she could live for months as once she made the decision to quit she just wanted it to be over fast as she was just so tired of having no energy and being able to do nothing but sit all day. Well she got her wish as she made it about 5-6 weeks then we think she had a pulmonary embolism ( blood clot to her lungs) and died peacefully a few hours later at home with family and dogs around her. We all supported her decision but yes it was the hardest thing we have ever had to do so maybe once your sister has some time to think she will be able to see it as you do.

In hindsite I know my mom's decision was the correct one and am glad she got to die in peace before the cancer made her life full of pain. Had she lived longer she would probably have died of liver failure as that was the only place she still had active mets and that is a painful death. We were spared that and I will be forever thankful of that as I will not carry images of my mom suffering. Yes Quality should be #1. Hope your sister can come around to see that as you do not need to be divided at this time but rather you need to lean on one another. I will send prayers you mother's way. JanMarie

Hi...thanks..i know we (my sis and I) both just have different perspectives...but always...ultimately my mom's choice...and today doc gave her news that Topotecan treatment....still showed growth in her liver...so he was stopping...but then offered her another line of chemo (third one)...taxol...1x a week going forward...started right after we met w/ the doc....the premeds they gave her...totally sent her for a loop....thanks for the support...as always...c