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The nightmare continues. After being on Carvedilol a beta blocker since February, I'm being weaned off. The coreg just makes me way too tired and my pulse rate was too low. I complained to my doctor, but finally on Wednesday he agreed that this wasn't working. I tried taking my pulse rate one day at home and I swear I couldn't even find a beat, scared me to no end.

I was on 3, 6.25 mgs of coreg a day. He lowered my dose to 2 a day and added 5mgs of norvasc. Then my sister tells me that she's been on 2.5mgs of norvasc a day, plus 25mgs of a diuretic and she has had no problems. I really feel my doctor is way too aggressive. My sister has cholesterol issues, I don't, my numbers are superb, she is overweight and doesn't exercise. I have always followed a good diet, no junk food, sodas, not a lot of red meat, oatmeal, whole grains, supplements, practise meditation. I exercise and my weight is about 15lbs over. I've never eaten a lot of red meat and for the last year since my husband had a stroke, we've been mainly on a fish/vegetable, low salt diet. Still the beta blocker put a couple of pounds on me. And when I started on bp meds, my blood pressure was fluctuating between 145/92 to 159/100 (my highest reading.) He first put me on BenicarHCT 40mgs and I wound up in the ER. Then he put me on Toprol, which made my allergies go through the roof. Then the coreg, 2 pills at first, then he added a 3rd one because my top number was 130. Once the 3rd pill was added, over time, I started to feel listless until finally my pulse rate was just too low.

I have no idea how this calcium channel blocker is going to work. It just bugs me that I have to be on meds. I haven't felt good since it began.

Question: can I continue my calcium supplements, potassium, vit D with the new pill. What do I have to look out for?

Any help would certainly be good for my nerves.