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k, I'm going to the dr soon not sure what the next steps will be.

A little background. Family history- mom and grandmother died of stroke due to HBP (first major strokes around age 50 died by 65) I've tried as a young woman to keep it in check and never had a BP till age 35(and 3 kids) then it started to climb. B.c of my history when it consistently climbed and was heading to 150/85-90 on a regular basis the dr put me on a low dose of Toprol (25 mg)I think she started it on 10 mg and upped it at some point) It seemed to do a good job for a while. Now I've noticed it climbing up to the 160/85 range and yesterday it was 148/98.

My background is age 40, slightly overweight, do not drink or smoke (something I thought was one of my moms contritution to her HBP maybe not) I don't totally restrict sodium but I am not a high sodium eater.

Luckily (or unluckily) I do get headaches with my HBP so I am vividly aware how out of control it is right now as i almost always have a headache these days. And its scary walking around on meds, taking relatively good care of myself, and knowing i'm quickly heading towards 50 the age at which all woman in my family lose their battle with HBP.And no one understands that stress.

Any thoughts on what she'll do. I was trying to keep taking the diretic part till later- I've heard sometimes its worse for you than the HBP.
I agree with bethsheba on this, diuretic is one of the least side effect drugs out there. I unfortunately was one of those who reacted to it. I'm in the very small minority that does.

That being said, you're on a very, very low dose of Toprol at 25mg. Normal starting point for ToprolXL is 50mg. Ask your doctor whether or not a higher dose would give you better control but be okay on the side-effect front. You definitely want to be below 140/90 on a consistent basis.

If after trying a higher dose of Toprol and that doesn't work there's a whole host of different meds to try. Eventually you'll find something that works really well.

I was at 165/110 and took almost a year to find the right mix of med that works for me. Happy 125/75. :)

Don't give up yet! Trust me.