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Hello All!

I am a 33 y/o woman 5'3 133 pounds, do not drink and do not smoke, I also do not exercise regularly - I am active with my two boys. I was diagnosed with HBP 4 years ago - my Dr. says it is hereditary because my father and his father had it very bad. I was started on Verapamil and had a horrid reaction to hit - severe upper chest tightness and the inability to breath properly. At that time I was switched to 25 mg Toprol and then 2 years ago that was increased to 50 mg Toprol.

What I have noticed is that the longer I was on the Toprol the more sensitive I have become to caffeine and chocolate. I developed breathing problems on the Toprol (my Dr. says that I am also asthmatic - I take Flovent daily for that - does NOT help the breathing) -- the chocolate and caffiene would directly effect my ability to breath properly. This all just started about (3) months ago???? I was taken off Toprol for a while tried (3) other medications had bad side effects so I am on 25 mg Toprol until I can go back to try something else :( :( I am scared to try something else.... but my breathing is still awful....

I am down to one cup of coffee a day and had to completely GIVE UP chocolate and stronger coffee drinks. Has anyone else had this particular problem? Do you think it could be an interaction with the Toprol?

BTW - when I went off Toprol I lost 13 pounds - changing nothing in my diet, etc.