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First, here's a thumbnail sketch of my last year: 1st bp reading, 159/100 put on Benicar/HCT 40mg/12.5 - a disaster, wound up in ER; switched to Toprol XL 25mgs -allergies/sinus problems went throught the roof, it did control my bp, however; switched to Coreg 6.25mgs 2x a day, no side effects, but after 6 weeks my bp was 130/80 so my doctor added a 3rd pill, my bp went to 120/70, but overtime, fatigue, and very low pulse rate; after 7 months switched to norvasc 5mgs, bp was 140/90; increased to 10mgs, 2 weeks ago and yesterday my ankles became swollen. Went back to doctor today.

I've posted before that I have a good diet, even better now: no junk food, soda, don't do coffee daily, - before bp meds I exercised regularly, I have great cholesterol numbers and practise meditation.

Today, my doctor wanted to put me on diltiazem & hydrochlorithiazide 25mgs. I balked. I wanted to know WHY I needed both drugs especially since some people have been able to control their bp on diuretics alone and reminded him that he didn't start me off this way. I think I ticked him off.

Anyway, I'm off norvasc and for the next 2 weeks I'm taking hydrochlorithiazide 25mgs along with a prescription potassium supplement he gave me. I've taken potassium citrate on my own for years.

Frankly, I don't think this is going to work and I even asked him about working backwards this way. I think my doctor is annoyed with me.

Anyway, I figure I'm going to end up on diltiazem, but why do I need such a high dose of a diuretic with it? Wouldn't a low dose combined with this CCB do the trick? My doc even said that he would start me on 25mgs and the scale back to 5mg of the diuretic. I was like, why can't we do it the other way around? What's with these high dosages?

Any info on diltiazem & hydrochlorathiazide would be greatly appreciated.

I'm just really fed up.