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I've been dealing with White Coat for years now, but it's getting worse. The days that I have to see the doctor my pressure gets high at home just worrying about my appointment--but not quite as high as when I actually get there. Last doctor visits, it's been 160/95 even as high as 170/106. My doctor doesn't believe that it runs around 114/70--127/82 at home so she insists I go on a mild beta blocker 25mg of Metoprolol (toprol) saying, if anything it will help with my anxiety and it's too low of a dose to drop my BP too low. I've started to think about taking it, but last couple of mornings my BP was like 106/69 and I was afraid of making it drop too low no matter what she says. She insists that my machine may not be accurate, but would it be 50 points off? What would happen if you take it and you really don't have HBP? Would your pulse drop to low? Would you get dizzy and/or faint? I'm really concerned about taking this medicine.