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[QUOTE=Vanessa74;3417007]I am very glad that you have found something that works for you :)

Is this the only medication that you take for HBP?


I'm currently taking ACEON 2 mg and BYSTOLIC 2.5 mg (I break the pills in half). Luckily, my doctor likes to keep the dosages low and in combination, than he can work his way up. My first 2 pill combination about 8 years ago were TOPROL XL 25mg and ALTACE 5mg. (According to my doctor he said these 2 pills were the best of the best. I never felt well while taking these 2 pills, I had a dry mouth, cough, skipped heart beats, poor memory, poor sleep, nightmares (occasional insomnia or waking up during the night)
among others. I thought I would adjust to the meds.. Once he added 10mg of LIPITOR to the mix, I had neck and shoulder aches and a frequent bloody nose.

Were many of these sysmptoms related to the meds?? Probably. I was then switched to DIOVAN and TOPROL. I felt alot better... I eventually dropped the TOPROL and my pharm.company switched me from DIOVAN to COZAAR.
COZAAR gave me an almost constant tickle in my throat... I then went to BENICAR and a low dose of BISOPROLOL. I switched the BISOPROLOL to try the new BYSTOLIC med, and ACEON in place of BENICAR...
[QUOTE=flowergirl2day;3419110]Hi Ace,

Your doctor was right. Altace and other drugs in this class help treat several conditions and have been shown to be very effective for blood pressure control, especially in combination with diuretics. Thank goodness I can tolerate this medication. I am on 20mg and had the ugly cough initially. It went away after a while.
Sounds like you've had your share of side effects or, more accurately, adverse reactions (as Beth pointed out they are called now) with prescription medications. As helpful as Lipitor is supposed to be, I can't get over the feeling that it is damaging my muscles. I get the weirdest aches and pains. Most notably in my calf. My joints hurt, especially the right hip, knee and leg, so much so that I have to take the pain medication I was given for it. I am also on an antibiotic at the moment which made me extremely fatigued and sleepy after I took it with the pain meds at work. I don't remember ever feeling so tired. Somewhat concerned I stopped at the pharmacy after work to ask about any possible interactions. According to the pharmacist, (a new one I don't like) none of my meds are supposed to interact. Yeah, right! I happen to know of SEVERAL interactions even before these two new additions........ so will have to check for interactions myself. I think Lipitor is causing the muscle aches you and many others experienced as well. Why is it we always end up discussing our adverse reactions (side effects)? Could it be because they are much more common than our doctors believe?
I hope your low doses of medication will prove to be high enough for a good blood pressure control. Because the side effects are usually dose related, it is in our best interest to remain on the lowest doses of medication possible.
Thank you for sharing your experiences with both the old and the new antihypertensives. Good luck with Bystolic!


My doctor is well aware of medication side effects. When I mentioned the TOPROL occasional nightmares and vivid dreams, he commented that these side effects are not typical. When I did further research, I discovered that beta-blockers (as TOPROL) cross the blood and brain barrier which can cause these type of symptoms. When I mentioned the neck and muscle aches he said this is a rather common side-effect and told me to stop LIPITOR. He later switched me to 10mg of PRAVACHOL which worked better for me.

Drug Interractions (as you mention) are very common, they are the cause of most drug related fatalities. The more drugs you add to the mix the greater the sid-effects. No Doctor or Pharmacist can state with certainty that pill combinations are 100 % safe. They will always say "To the best of my Knowledge" Which means they really don't have a clue......

P.S. Remember the LIPITOR Interraction with Grapefruit Juice about 8 years ago? The LIPITOR blood levels increased enough to cause severe muscle aches and damage.. It was later discovered that approx. 500 + medications have this negative interraction. Are there any other Interractions we are not aware of??
[QUOTE=Vanessa74;3418444]Hi Ace :)

I am glad that you have found good control -- and more importantly - FEWER side effects with these meds - that is GREAT!

Hi Vanessa,

Yes, I definitely have less side effects with BYSTOLIC. I'm not feeling as tired and I'm not having the TOPROL nightmares. I'm also not getting as many skipped heart beats (PACS etc.) I would sometimes have with TOPROL. In my experience with different beta blockers, I would say that BYSTOLIC is by far the best beta blocker (Though everyone responds to meds. differently and only time will surely tell). Sometimes out of the blue after taking a med. for awhile, all hell can break loose. A close second place to BYSTOLIC (so far) is BISOPROLOL which produces a stronger calming feeling which can be great if your stress level is through the roof.
[QUOTE=flowergirl2day;3494371]Hi Ace, :)

thank you very much for sharing your experience with these two types of beta blockers. I guess time will tell which one is best for you. Your posts seem to indicate that even these newest beta blockers are not without side effects (contrary to some claims). I have developed some tolerance to selective beta blockers over time. I don't get very tired and can function almost normally (if I don't do anything physically too demanding).

I hope you've chosen wisely - the good thing is you can always switch back to Bisoprolol or try another beta blocker, if needed.

Thanks once again for your informative posts.


Hi Flowergirl,

After exploring most of the beta-blockers for the past several months. I think I can say say with pretty good certainty that BYSTOLIC gives excellent
heart rate control. If you experience PACS and PVC's, BYSTOLIC gives remarkable control (Like no other beta-blocker I've ever tried). TOPROL and BISOPROLOL suppress the faster heart-beat (which is good), but do not help as much with the PVC's. BYSTOLIC appears to be "decent" when it comes to blood pressure control, but BISOPROLOL appears to be much more effective at the same dosage (5mg) for blood pressure control. My doctor claims Bisoprolol is the strongest of the beta-blockers.

As far as side effects, BISOPROLOL and BYSTOLIC are very similar (fatigue, minor aches and pains, slight weight gain etc...) but neither have given me nightmares and mood-swings like TOPROL.

P.S. For now, I will continue with the BYSTOLIC (as I continue to monitor my BP numbers)
I'd add that nebivolol/Bystolic is a [font=courier]vasodilator[/font], so won't aggravate Reynaud's like Toprol, etc. It induces enhanced nitric oxide bioavailability.

It does not cause hyperglycemia, like other BBs can. (And it is an antioxidant.)
My husband took bystolic for a month and he was horrible on it his moods was so bad I could not stand to be around him. He would snap at anything and was always in a bad mood no matter what I spent most of the day fighting with him or crying because he was so mean. He is on Toprol XL now and is so much better. He has a really fast heart rate and high blood pressure the bystolic didn't help at all but it could of been he was always worked up by being so mad all the time. The Toprol has lowered his heart rate to a normal persons rate and his blood pressure is lowering slowly.

I am glad bystolic works for some people :) It just goes to show that different people have different side effects. I am so happy they took him off bystolic.,

thanks for the update. It's nice when you can (or HAVE TO) try different medications to see which one works best. It"s even nicer when you can try several within the same drug class.

I am glad to hear that Bisoprolol is considered the strongest beta blocker by some. I wonder why. There are tables comparing the various beta blockers in one of my books with only the clinical data. I'll try to find out more. I read anything I can about the drugs I have to take and always learn something new.
Do you combine the beta blocker with another blood pressure medication? Sorry, I don't remember. Whatever the case, I am glad it's working. :)


Hi Flowergirl,

Being I had prescriptions from several beta-blockers, my doctor gave me the OK to see which one I feel better taking. ( As long as they are were in the same beta-blocker class, which is BETA1.) He was not to keen on COREG, he believes COREG is excellent, mainly for heart failure. I have prescriptions for BETAXOLOL (Kerlone), BISOPROLOL (Zebeta), NEBIVOLOL (Bystolic)and METOPROLOL (TOPROL) and in both Generic and Brand forms. I find a big difference between certain generic versus brand meds. For ex. the Generic Bisoprolol seems so much milder than the brand drug ZEBETA. When I took the ZEBETA tablets, I felt completely exhausted and weak for several days. My blood pressure was also much lower. The generic brand was much milder and not as potent. Do potent side-effects always equate to better blood pressure control??? Maybe.. But some of these side effects I can live without.. The BETA1 blockers are all mostly the same, they slow down the heart-beat, cause fatigue, raise cholesterol and Triglyceride levels, lower HDL cholesterol etc. My Total cholesterol was about 25 points higher and my HDL 5 points lower on my last checkup 2 weeks ago. It appears all beta blockers negatively affect cholesterol levels, as do many other medications. The benefits of beta-blockers are numerous in most large research studies. (It's a double edged sword) The main reasons I am remaining on the Bystolic is for the better heart rate control, no GI/bowel issues and better sleep.

P.S My other medications are 4mg of Perindopril (ACEON), 20 mg of PRAVACHOL and 3000 mg of IR NIACIN.

My doctor believes that almost all beta blockers are similar. TOPROL being the best. He believes TOPROL is the most prescribed, the most popular, the most researched, is highly effective, positive results in almost every major trial, works excellent with every major class of heart medication, All side-effects are well documented through-out the span of over 20 years. (Should I say more about his beta-blocker preference??). I think he let me sample the various beta-blockers for several reasons, mainly because he is happy about the fact that I'm taking a blood pressure medication and trying to better control my blood pressure. Also, about 5 years ago I stopped taking my beta-blocker TOPROL along with ALTACE (He was very reluctant about me dropping the TOPROL) though he switched me to only DIOVAN. Also, my blood pressure readings for the past few years have been mostly normal, or ranged from mild to moderate. Lastly, I requested the beta blocker this time due to occasional anxiety/tension/stress/agitation etc. (maybe he thinks I'm neurotic) Anyway, he wrote me a prescription for TOPROL and later for the others. He gauges my blood pressure by my frequent periodic checkups and blood tests for Cholesterol/LIPIDS and Liver checks to monitor the NIACIN/PRAVACHOL.

In regard to PRAVACHOL, Yes - It definitely controls my cholesterol levels. To be honest, I do not always take the Pravachol daily (as prescribed). Especially, if I feel any sign of muscle soreness or pain. It appears that statins make the soreness worse (perhaps, the statins are what's causing the muscle soreness to begin with) When I took LIPITOR (10 mg) approx 6 years ago, my neck and shoulder soreness had become almost intolerable. My doctor told me to stop the LIPITOR and suggested either PRAVACHOL or LESCOL.

P.S. I have my next blood test in about 5 weeks. Let's see if my daily diligence to taking Pravachol lowers my sudden increase in cholesterol since starting BYSTOLIC. If not, I may have to live with the nightmares and switch back to TOPROL. My doctor would be ecstatic.... and then I would have to hear the "I told you so's"

thanks for clarifying your beta blocker prescriptions. Your doctor sounds like someone you can really trust with your health (in spite of his pharmacological preferences). Your normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels speak for themselves. The drugs taken to get such good results are really not important - only the end result is.
How interesting that Toprol had no effect on your triglyceride and HDL levels and Bystolic has altered them! According to my book about cardiovascular drugs, it is mostly the non-selective beta blockers that raise the triglycerides and lower the HDL levels. My personal experience is slightly different. My cholesterol levels were great on a non-selective beta2 blocker. Not so on a beta1 blocker. Perhaps other factors or meds have contributed to the changes. Just goes to show how different we all are. I am glad your cholesterol levels are back to normal! :)

Hi Flowergirl,

To clarify -- When I took TOPROL, my HDL dropped on avg.more than 10 points (from about 50 to a low of 39) and my Trigs. increased from about (150 to 250) My doctor could not believe TOPROL could change my numbers so much. When I dropped the TOPROL my HDL jumped to about 47 in three months and my TRIGS around 200.

Taking NIACIN and PRAVACHOL without a beta blocker for the past few years my HDL was always about 52 - 58, and my TOTAL chol. about 200 - 215. While on beta blocker's recently (mainly BYSTOLIC) my TOTAL chol on my last checkup was 266 and my HDL 49.... Though I must admit, I also gained approx 7 pounds since last year, and being my blood test was shortly after EASTER, I may have over-indulged on holiday cakes and sweets etc....