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[QUOTE=Vanessa74;3439957]...I'm on day three :) - so far so good!!

Oh Vanessa, I am so glad, happy, elated:bouncing: that we'll be doing this together...it's so much easier that way.

[QUOTE]...I am finding that I am 'struggling' with the grains....The whole grains however, upset my lower digestive system - causing much pain, and discomfort.

Oh I'm sorry about the grain struggle and wish I could help in some way. But it sounds like your body is trying to tell you something and it's probably wise to respect that "conversation". The only thing I can say is that I did find the following government site that may have some tips...[url]http://www.mypyramid.gov/pyramid/grains.html[/url]

I'm wondering if anyone else out there has dealt with this and if they have, what they would suggest...

[QUOTE]...I am having problems eating the amounts as my breathing issues...

That's quite understandable...when it's difficult to breath, other things lose their priority!

[QUOTE]...Also, I have put on a couple of pounds because I have forced myself to eat more than I normally do - does not make me so happy!

Do you know how many calories you normally eat to maintain your weight? How many are you taking in now? I ask because Toprol is a beta blocker and beta blockers can change one's metabolism. I gained about 10 pounds on my beta blocker and I was only on it about 1 month...looking back some of that was water retension, I'm sure.

[QUOTE]...Time to add exercise - which will be the biggest hurdle for me. ...trying to convince myself to exercise will be an uphill battle!!!

Be careful, Vanessa. You may be trying to do too much, especially given the limitations a beta blocker poses. I know exercise is "supposed" to be good for you, but do, oh do, listen to your body! And be gentle with yourself! If you are not able to exercise the way you'd like perhaps some stretching would be helpful instead. I don't say this to discourage you...I just remember what it was like for me when I was on atenolol...it was physically difficult to lift my feet and coordinate my steps...so do what you can and try to be realistic!

That said, I would agree with exercise being an uphill battle...me, I would rather read a book or plan a garden, :cool:

Hope you have a good day, and will check back with you tomorrow!

Hi Beth :) :)

I never had GERD before starting the OFFENDING Toprol 5 years ago. I developed it (that I know of) - about 4 months ago - and it is SEVERE.... I suppose in retrospect I have had it for at least 2 years prior to discovering that's what it was....

I now have to really monitor what I eat - and also had to give up CHOCOLATE - which still makes me so sad..........

We will hang in there together you and me and do better everyday. I will go look up some of those meat receipes - cause I like to be able to eat with my boys - and not always have to have different food from them....

Please do a post about your HBP meds and GERD - I would be very interested!

Hi Beth,

I ate more grains yesterday!!! My stomach seems to be ok :)

B - oatmeal with dried fruit and milk
SN - 2 tbs nuts
L - (2) wh wht. tortilla wraps w/veggies (carrots, peppers, lettuce), lean roast beef and a little cheese
SN - whole wht crackers w/lite cheese spread
D - whole wht pasta with shrimp and lemon, cauliflower in FF cheese sauce

I gained a 1/2 pound - do not like that :( - but eating healthy is good. I am weaning off the Toprol too - and feeling a little sick from that but hanging in there.

I guess normally I would eat about 1000 to 1100 calories per day - on this plan its probably more like 1200-1400 - which I do not like. I am 5'3'' and weigh 132. I was about 128 when I started :( :( Not happy about the weight gain -- maybe when I am able to add exercise I will lose it again.

My breathing has been BEYOND HORRID the last two days - struggling hard... I think that the new diet is affecting my reflux and may be contributing to the breathing issues - will have to monitor more closely and increase my ant-acide medication.

Sounds like you are doing GREAT!!!!

So glad you posted! I was going to try to "find" you because I thought you'd have some experience with the toprol withdrawal thing and I really think the toprol has something to do with this. I feel badly that I didn't pay more attention to Vanessa's weight gain inititally...must listen more closely to these things.

I don't think it is the food at all...if it is edema, the diet will be preventing it from getting much worse.


FG I thought of you when I ate my chicken sandwich at lunch...it had romaine lettuce, green peppers, red onion, and white chicken...it was very colorful and attrative and I thought of how your arranged your veggies...I think you would have been proud of me, :)!

I question the actions of the pulmonologist. Is it possible he did not know which drugs Vanessa was on?...

Anything's possible, fg. Remember those life threatening side effects I had with atenolol? I called the doctor and he called in the "new" prescription and it was a new med AND my regular dose of atenolol!

Even if the pumonologist DID know what meds' she was on, mistakes happen...from writing the rx, reading the rx, filling the prescription, giving the rx to the right party, etc.

You might want to reread some of her posts on the toprol...perhaps you might have some suggestions to offer.

I have to chuckle, as you are not the same woman who came to these boards last year! A very postitve change indeedy!

I had a bad day yesterday - and fell off the wagon :) -- ate pretty bad, and LOST 3 POUNDS TODAY?????

I think the grains are sort of bloating me - ya know and until my body adjusts to them I will retain some water and weight until my body can learn to process them and get rid of them faster. But they are not upsetting my stomach anymore - so that is AWESOME :) :)

Any thoughts on 'grain intolernace' - causing breathing problems - just a thought I had, I will do some research on it for myself....

I started right back on the plan today - some yogurt and whole grain cereal. A new chicken receipe with lots of garlic and bell peppers for dinner.

You are doing GREAT Beth :) - as soon as I am done with the Toprol I am going to start SLOWLY my new walking video :) :) I am hoping the exercise component will really help lower that HBP of mine :)

It has been pretty awful lately (my HBP) - but I have been MAJOR stressing about my breathing and I know that is contributing - I gotta learn to CHILL OUT :)
GREAT JOB BETH!! Your meals sound YUMMY :)

Yesterday I had:

Low sodium soup, wheat crackers with lite cheese
Turkey/Veggie sandwich
Grilled tuna with rice and roasted veggies
SN: dried prunes

I have been able to maintain at 131.... Going through the Toprol withdrawl - rough stuff !

Keep up the GREAT JOB Beth :)

Gosh Beth - look at all the fruits and veggies you are incorporating - THAT IS FANTASTIC -- you are doing SO GREAT :) :) Keep it up girl!!

B - Wheat crackers w/lofat cheese, coffee
S - Apple w/organic peanut butter
L- Large salad with chicken and lots of veggies, lowfat oil dressing
S - (4) prunes
D - Ground turkey in a homemade sweet salsa, whole grain tortilla, brown rice with beans

The Toprol withdrawl is messing with my head :) :) he he he no pun intended as the headaches and head pressure are REALLY bothering me. BUT it is day 6 and I have made it longer this time then ever before and I am sticking to it.

No exercise yet - but have been able to drink lots of water.

Some of the foods are causing my reflux to REALLY act up so I will have to start paying close attention to that. Think I had a little too much salt yesterday because I was REALLY swollen and puffy....

Maintianing at 131 - so I am happy about that!

Kepp up the GREAT work Beth :)

I want Fam's recepie for that Pumpkin Custard :) :)