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Hi All!!

I am DOING IT :) Thanks to Flower Girl ;) :) :) -- I am coming off the Toprol FOR GOOD.... I need your help. I am weaning 1/2 my normal dose for 10 days then done :) :) I will drink lots of water - and really relax trying not to overwork myself at all. Also, TYLENOL for the bad headaches....

I have changed Drs. 4 times in the last three years - currently on Dr. #4 and changing is not an option right now (running out of Drs. around here ;)) -- When my Pulm. Dr. find out about my breathing problems - he doubled my asthma meds (Flovent HFA) - and told me OFF TOPROL RIGHT AWAY....

Well my reg. Dr. completely does not agree so kept me on a low dose of Toprol and has tried (unsuccessfully) - to ADD other HBP meds to find the right 'cocktail' to control my HBP - so far NO LUCK.... He absolutely LOVES LOVES Toprol and does not believe me that the side effects are horrid. He does nto believe that I have asthma - but nonetheless - told me to double the asthma meds like the pulm. suggested??? I will say that I live in a very small town and it is difficult to get good quality care without having to drive 2 hours away.....

Can anyone who has tried it (Toprol) - please post your side effects so that I can print it out and bring it to him.... I will already be OFF of it by then - but I want to PROVE it to him so he does not try to get me to start taking it again or try to put me on another Beta Blocker.

THANKS EVERYONE -- this board has been my saving grace lately - you are all the BEST:angel:
[QUOTE=Vanessa74;3445796]...I will already be OFF of it by then - but I want to PROVE it to him so he does not try to get me to start taking it again or try to put me on another Beta Blocker....

Vanessa, good for you!!! You're educating yourself and you are taking charge of your health!

I have no experience with Toprol, but I would recommend you get a copy of the package insert from your pharmacist and highlight all the serious side effects, several of which you seem to have.

You might also want to copy the FDA's info sheet because they list some of your problems, too. For example, they say that some side effects can be serious, and although the following symptoms are uncommon, you should call your doctor immediately:

shortness of breath

swelling of the hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs
unusual weight gain
rapid, pounding, or irregular heartbeat

They go on to include the symptoms of an overdose...dizziness, fainting,
difficulty breathing, or swallowing, swelling of the hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs

You might also want to look for the clinical studies done on this drug...you'd be able to find the statistics of people that experienced similar problems.

Good luck!

Don't even mention Toprol XL to me; I was on it for only a week, and I can't tell you how horrible the side effects were: gruesome vivid nightmares, feeling of suffocation when laying down, feeling that my head was going to explode, pressure in eyeballs and blurry vision, tingling in face and lips. Altho' I don't have asthma, I just wanted to throw my experience with Toprol in because I think it poison to a lot of people. I thought I was going to die before I realized it was the medication.
Thank you so much for sharing this with me - I am trying to 'build up a list' of what people have experienced on Toprol - so he won't try and put me back on it EVER.....

I am so glad that you were able to get OFF it - are you better? Any lasting effects?

Again, thanks so much for sharing with me!

I think I lasted about 3 weeks on toprol. I went to a pulmonologist and he told me to NEVER take toprol again. I wish I didn't have asthma because it lowered my BP beautifully and I felt "calm" on it as well.

Took Toprol for a short time early last year. I do remember it caused me to be depressed and burst into tears for stupid stuff that normally wouldn't bother me. I'll have to check my 'log' for any other side effects.
Yes, I had terrible breathing problems on toprol. I was feeling so bad that I went to see a pulmonologist and he said to NEVER take it again. He was a big fan of the ARB class as being a good choice for asthmatics.

Thanks Suki,

Do you mind my asking what dosage you were on and what your breathing problems were like?

I am 5 days into my 'weaning' off of it. I am doing 1/2 the 25mg dosage. I am still having breathing difficulties and it is scaring me.

How long did it take you to feel better? Did you wean or go off cold turkey (sorry for all the questions!!)

My heart has been RACING off and on, sometimes headaches and/or head pressure, chest tightness off and on that can get severe for a while. some anxiety from the withdrawal. Taking a Xanax seems to help with the worst of it. I have been on Toprol for 5 years now so I wonder how long it will take to completely get out of my system?

Have a good day!
Toprol Withdrawal - day #6....

Well I am making it but it is SO HARD... I almost feel like a 'drug addict' - it is scary. I got a little upset and had a bit of a 'tif' with my husband and my pressure SOARED... My head pounded and I got severe head pressure for quite some time after... It was very scary.... I made myself relax and rest and that helped.

Today I have a pretty bad headache and some head pressure - my heart is racing off and on - I can tell that it is all 'rebound' from the Toprol withdrawal - it feels 'unreal' and 'unnatural' -- like my body is fighting itself. At times it seems UNREAL to me that a DRUG that is supposed to help can make a person feel like this :( :(

The breathing has been a struggle off and on - but I am hopeful that once I am off the Toprol and it is OUT of my body that it will help :)

Thanks for all the encouragement everyone - it really helps.

I think I may take tomorrow off to 'laze' around in bed and relax a little :cool:
I'm sorry that you're having a tough day. I bet your breathing will be so much better once the toprol is out of your system. My mom has been on toprol for years (100 mg per day, I think) and she can't even reduce her dose without her heart doing all kind of wacky things.

It's day 3 of Micardis and so far so good, although it took a few months on Cozaar for me to have problems, so only time will tell I guess!

I know that my husband can really raise my BP as well;)

Take care of yourself and try to relax,

I was on it for over a year and had no side effects. When my BP started rising they switched me to Enalapril and I had stopped the toprol cold turkey and the headaches were murder,. lasted 3 weeks. But My BP was 175/85 today after being on it for 3 weeks so she doubled the dose.

Instead of doubling your dose of an ACE inhibitor (with unsatisfactory results on the lower dose thus far), she should have tried adding a low dose of a thiazide diuretic to your existing dose of an ACE inhibitor. How big a dose of the ACE inhibitor are you on now?
When discontinuing a beta blocker the dose should be lowered gradually over a one to two week period. I am surprised you quit Toprol cold turkey. Not everyone experiences problems, but some of us certainly do. They are probably dose-related. It has been shown that people with heart problems have the highest risk of experiencing serious adverse reactions/events when stopping a beta blocker abruptly.


I am sorry that you are not feeling well - I will say a prayer that get well soon, sounds like you picked up a bug :( There are plenty of them going around right now :(

My breathing is a little better the past couple of days. As silly as this is going to sound - I get scared to even say that - afraid it will get bad again :(

I am a pretty regimented and 'emotional' person by nature - so I am trying to learn to 'relax and let go' - my boys are appreciating it :) -- and it is helping with the withdrawl. There has been some anxiety - which is another symptom. I will be happy to take my last 1/2 dose tomorrow.... I love to read and have devoured 4 novels in the past 7 days to take my mind off things.

I am upset with my Dr. he seemed so great in the beginning - but then just tries to keep blaming everything on 'anxiety'..... I wish it were that simple. I will not go to see him again until I have been off the Toprol for a while - unless I absolutely have too... He is angry with me even though my Pulm. Dr. told him he wants me off Toprol... I think its an EGO thing at this point :(

I have noticed that the past couple of nights I slept better :)

I cannot IMAGINE going off this cold turkey - what a terrifying thought that Drs. actually DO THAT to their patient with what could be fatal consequences. And we PAY THEM for this advice :(

The head pressure and stabbing head pains are the scarest part for me - but I really try to relax and breath through it :) Can say that I do not really care for how fast and furious my heart beats at times either ;)

Thanks for all the support and prayers :) You are all in my thoughts and prayers as well.

Good morning, Vanessa,

I have followed your posts with interest and with concern. I admire your courage and only wish I could take away your pain.

Although I was not on toprol, I did stop taking a beta blocker cold turkey and found that although things were better immediately, it took about a month before everything went back to normal...so don't jump to any conclusions if some side effect comes back once in awhile within 4-6 weeks of discoing. But keep in mind, the side effects eventually go!

[QUOTE=Vanessa74;3453252]...I love to read and have devoured 4 novels in the past 7 days to take my mind off things.

Good...it is so important to pamper, pamper, pamper especially at this time!

[QUOTE]...I am upset with my Dr. he seemed so great in the beginning - but then just tries to keep blaming everything on 'anxiety'.....

Blaming it on anxiety is an excuse for not finding out what is really wrong! The "age" excuse is, too!!! When doctors don't know something they fall back on these "reasons" and unfortuantely, their patients often buy into this.

[QUOTE]... I think its an EGO thing at this point :(... yes, and perhaps the "god" syndrome (gods are perfect, know everything, and don't make mistakes).

[QUOTE]...I have noticed that the past couple of nights I slept better :) Not surprising in the least!

[QUOTE]I cannot IMAGINE going off this cold turkey - what a terrifying thought that Drs. actually DO THAT to their patient with what could be fatal consequences. And we PAY THEM for this advice :(

We also have the option of firing them for this very reason....we need to remember that if we "hire", we can "fire"! I know you might have to travel to see another doctor, but I think you really need to think about this...for lots and lots of reasons.

Do take care, nessa...you are in my thoughts and prayers as well.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement - they help so much.

I had a pretty good day yesterday - but last night had the worst withdrawl since my 'step-down'. I woke up at 1:55am feeling like someone had my chest in a vise grip. I was gasping for breath, shaking, and my heart was slamming in my chest. I tried to stay as calm as I could and I got out of bed. I woke my husband and asked him to please take me to the ER. He is not a very understanding sort and refused and went back to bed. So I was on my own - and more than a little afraid.

I took a Xanax and tried to remain calm. I was trying to figure out if it was asthma, Toprol withdrawl, or acid reflux..... I did not eat so great yesterday :( - had a fudgy yummy brownie - but chocolate does HORRIBLE things to my reflux and breathing and I SO KNOW better.....

I was up for about an hour - I was scared to try my 'rescue inhaler' because my heart was beating so fast and so hard.... I was shaking all over and I did not want to make that part worse... My head was just pounding and I was gasping for breath (no coughing or wheezing though). I think that my heart was pounding so hard it was making it hard to breath - does that make any sense?

It eventually subsided enough that I could lay back down. I made sure I was in a propt up position with the phone right by me just in case. I do believe that it was full blown Toprol withdrawl - with some acid reflux mixed in for good measure :(

I woke up this am and my chest was still pretty tight and my heart slamming so I took my 1/2 dose of Toprol. It has helped a bit but my breathing is very bad today.....

I am glad that today is my last 1/2 dose of Toprol - though I do plan on laying around doing NOTHING for the next two days except drinking lots of water to flush my system of this mess. I will also really watch what I eat to get my reflux back under some sort of control....

BUT - I see the light - I am almost there :)

Thanks everyone!!!
Hello :)

Well Day #9 - second day with NO Toprol - and the headaches and head pain and have constant - and very scary. My heart racing off and on - speeding when I try to lay down to sleep at night - scary stuff. I sometimes see stars when I bend over if I do it too quickly.

My emotions are all over the place - I keep crying for no reason - and getting very scared. I know that an increase in anxiety is also a withdrawal side effect - so I try to keep that in mind.

I have to keep resting a lot and am not able to do my 'normal' stuff (laundry, cleaning, etc.) - I get worn out really fast and any amount of effort just makes my heart RACE and my head POUND..... So I have been laying around reading and watching action movies :) :) My 8 year old is very happy with this new routine.

I have GREAT boys - they take care of me when I don't feel good and really care when I am hurting. The both laid around with me and we had a good weekend together.

I hope I start to feel better really soon - this is scaring me. I know it takes time though... My breathing was MUCH MUCH better yesterday though:) I was so grateful for an almost WHOLE DAY where I could breath without a problem!!!That has not happened for me in almost two whole months!

I have not started my new Reflux Med yet - I am trying to wait to get the Toprol out of my system before adding anything new. I have modified my diet even more - being strict with myself and that has helped with the GERD the last couple of days (and thank God for Mylanta :)

Thanks so much for caring and being there for me...... It helps because my husband gets so furious with me - as if I somehow have control over any of this....
Thanks Beth :) :)

Day10 -- Headache is less - and so is head pressure - HIP HIP HOORAY!! Heart is still racing and unfortunately since 3:00pm yesterday my breathing took a huge turn for the worse :( It made sleeping very difficult last night.

I had some severe hot flashes and trembling last night. But I must say that except for my breathing struggles today I am starting to feel a lot better. This is my third day with NO TOPROL! I know to expect some ups and downs until it is completely out of my system - but I am happy that I have made it to day #10 :)

One day at a time - and thanks for the SHAKES BETH ;) You made me start my day with LAUGHTER :)


I am so proud of you! :bouncing:

Just think how much better you will feel a week from now...two weeks.....two months. You will be noticing more of an improvement in the days to come as the concentration of Toprol in your system diminishes and then leaves completely. Please be patient and hang in there. Keep an eye on that blood pressure in the meantime. What's it like now?


I had a tiny bit of a set-back in the form of a nasty stomach flu that hit me on Thursday. I had gone 5 full days with NO Toprol - but when I got dehydrated (I could not eat or drink for 2 whole days :( -- my blood pressure sky rocketed and I got a headache that was absolutely crippling. I took a full 25mg Toprol on Friday and it helped get my heart rate down and eased my headache a bit.

I did not want to - but needed to focus on fighting th flu.....

I went right back to no Toprol the next day. I wonder how far this has 'set me back' in my withdrawl? My heart continues to race off and on, my head hurts off and on, breathing problems off and on. I am still very happy to be off the Toprol :)

I cannot wait until it is completely OUT of my system so that I can get some base line readings and new blood work - so that I can dedict myself to the DASH program in earnest and see what my results are!!!

Hi Vanessa, :)

I am glad you are feeling better. I am just getting back to "normal" myself. Almost there. I think that one dose of toprol has not made that much of a difference and set you back in your withdrawal. It really sucks when we get colds or flu because there's nothing for us to take that would not interact in some way with our meds. I thought that perhaps I could take Neo Citron. I was going to ask my son, who was visiting, to call the pharmacy & find out if I could. I ended up changing my mind because I figured they'd want to speak to me and I was too sick for that. My voice was just about gone due to the LPR I think. I don't know how I got through those few days. I am so glad it's behind me now. Sorry to hear you still have all of your problems. You will start noticing an improvement in your symptoms soon. Hang in there, Vanessa. Things will get better. Are you taking any medication for your blood pressure right now? You should be taking another medication for blood pressure control since you've stopped taking Toprol altogether. If you are not, that may well be the reason your blood pressure readings are all over the place. Good luck with the withdrawal!