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I Am 67. I Take Tons Of Meds For Bp. It Seems Like My Mother And My Sister Have Battled This Problem In Their Lifetimes Also.
Get This... I Take 1. Metoprolo (toprol) 200 Mg 2. Cartia Xt 360mg 3. Cozaar 100 Mg 4. Furosemide 20 Mg
It Was Controling My Bp For Some Time And Then All The Sudden It Read 155/84. Yup, It's Going Up Again After A Couple Of Years On These Meds. My Doctor Says To Watch It At Home And I Get Readings Of 134/78 As Almost A Constant But I Know That For Today's Standards, That Is Still To High.
My Bloodwork Is Right On The Mark And I Have Had Two Heart Ablations That Have Seemed To Work For Atrial Flutter And Fib.
Knock Knock!
I Think My Doctor Is At His Wits End On My Bp. I Don't Think I Can Take Much More Meds For This. He Also In The Past Has Given Me Different Meds For Bp But What I Am Taking Did It For Awhile.