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Hi Suki!

We have a lot in common! I am 34 slim non/smoker non/drinker, I also have asthma and a family history of HBP. My B/P runs right about the same as yours - and just like you I have had adverese reactions to CCB's, Beta Blockers, Diovan, and a Diuretic.... My Dr. is at his WITS end with me and tells me that it is all 'in my head' - because 'it is impossible for someone to have bad reactions to that many medications'..... He is WRONG....

I have noticed that most of my adverse reactions center around my lungs (tightness, difficutly breathing, pressure, etc.) - wonder if there is a connection between them and my asthma...

Any whoo - I am currently weaning off the Beta Blocker - and he is FURIOUS with me and does not want to prescribe something else - wants me to just keep taking the Toprol... Says that my breathing problems have NOTHING to do with the Toprol - basically its all in my head...

I am trying the DASH eating program and exercise to see if that helps. Also, I am trying to look into 'secondary causes' of my HBP (sleep apnea, glandular problem, etc.) - I am doing research and will bring it to my next appointment to try and get him to order the tests for me.

I have a suspicion that my asthma medication is elevating my B/P :( What to do!

How about you - do you take medications for your asthma and allergies?

I hope you find your answers soon - I know EXACTLY how you feel!

We really do have a lot in common! I take singulair, zyrtec, nasacort, and I go on a steroid inhaler when I get a cold and in the spring.

I took toprol about two years ago and felt really bad with my breathing. I had a cardio doc tell me that even if my breathing felt bad, I should just stay on the toprol because it's the best med for me. I now have an internal medicine doctor (he's a retainer physician, so I pay him on top of what insurance pays) he's a really good Dr., but I know that I'm trying his patience. I think I've tried about 10 different BP drugs this past year!


Thanks for the encouraging words. I am hopefull that I'll eventually figure something out.