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I was on toprol xl 100mg and then my Dr. changed my medicine to Lisinopril/HCTZ 20-12.5. I have only been on for 5 days. I didn't realize I was supposed to wean off the ToprolXL. For the last two days i have been very jittery,Headache, Heart rate up higher than normal. Hard to sleep. Now I know why i am feeling this way. thanks for your post
Hi Lori500,

I am so sorry to hear that you were taken off your Beta Blocker 'cold turkey' - how horrible for you. How long were taken Toprol?

I am in the process of weaning off after being on it for 5 years. The withdrawal is difficult - I expect it to take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to completely feel better. But I am hoping (after the initial hard time (I am on day #9 now) - to start feeling a bit better every single day.

I hope you do too - I knew what to expect from others here - and knew not to just stop - I am so sorry that your Dr. did not wean you nor did he prepare you for this.

I hope you start to find relief quickly.