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[QUOTE]Today after a reading of 110/80, he told me to discontinue Toporol. Still working on dropping more weight and exercising, so hopefully Norvasc will be next. I'm just glad to be off Toporol finally.

Way to go, Osboi! :bouncing:

Congratulations on your achievement! Your blood pressure is finally where you want it to be. I guess you've come to realize how much or a role a well-balanced diet plays in attaining better health. The weight loss and exercise are just as important as a sensible diet for good health. I hope you'll keep this up. Don't you feel so much better now that you don't have to take Toprol? Just imagine, you might be able to get off your medication completely!
It's hard to eat healthy when you're on the road a lot. Just try to make healthier choices when ordering food.

Good luck and thank you for sharing. It's good to hear your labs are fine and you don't have to worry about your glucose levels. :cool: