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Hi Fxsteve,

BISOPROLOL, BETAXOLOL and the newest pill in America called BYSTOLIC (known as NEBIVOLOL or NEBILET in Europe) are a bit different than most beta blockers prescribed such as METOPROLOL (TOPROL) and ATENOLOL. Keep in mind that the dose is always a factor. With beta blockers, the more precise it targets the Beta1 receptor the less side effects (in theory). The most potent Beta1 beta blockers are: NEBIVOLOL > BISOPROLOL > BETAXOLOL.

Most of my negative side effects occurred when I was taking TOPROL. When taking BISOPROLOL side effects were much less (side effects were mostly headache and tiredness)

In the UK (from what I've read) beta blockers are not recommended as first line therapy anymore, and the most popular are ATENOLOL, BISOPROLOL and CARVEDILOL (which is mainly indicated for heart failure)

P.S. Keep in mind that all HBP meds have side effects. BISOPROLOL is probably much better, more researched and more effective than other classes being thrown our way, such as CALCIUM BLOCKERS, DIURETICS, ALPHA BLOCKERS etc....