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I suffer from anxiety complicated by high blood pressure.
It was 150/100 today. 2nd reading was 140/100
My doctor has prescribed 25mg of Toprol.
I go back in 2 weeks.
He said this is the lowest dose possible and it should
not be difficult to stop the medication at that level.

I have been struggling with this for a few years now and don't want to take anymore chances.

From what I read it seems like something that would be good
for me because of my anxiety which I get especially in a doctor's

But I have also read horror stories and I am as you might expect scared.

Has anyone had good results from taking this drug?

I had good results taking Toprol, as did a friend of mine. It was causing me to be tired though, and I was switched to Benicar. Fortunately, my BP has lowered and I haven't taken meds. in several years.

Give it a try for 2 weeks and make note of any symptoms that you feel may be related, if you have any changes you notice.

There are many, many BP medications out there; 4 or 5 classifications of blood pressure medicines in fact. I can recall Ace Inhibitors, and Beta Blockers- which Toprol falls under. It may take trying several types to finally find the one that works best for you.

Good luck and check back and let us know how you are doing!
Hi Cook,

HCTZ (a diuretic) would be a better place to start. It can be stopped suddenly without withdrawal & most people only need 12.5mg. Don't believe your Dr. about Toprol @ the lowest dose being easy to drop. You don't have to have water retention to take a diuretic because it relaxes blood vessels & decreases blood volume initially (blood volume returns to almost normal eventually according to the package insert.) Sulfa allergy & history of Gout would be a contraindication to HCTZ.

You need to take your b/p at home @ stress times as well as peaceful times. This way you will know if your HBP is only at the DR's. Fam
Thanks so much for this info.
It is very helpful.

Now here's my problem.

I have 2 bp machines - one wrist and one arm.
I take my bp at home frequently.
Only occasionally do I see a problem with either one.
Yesterday I expected a bad reading at the doctor because
my best reading was 122/76 but the worst was 137/90!

So - I decided to take my wrist cuff to work with me (yeah work! - the stress zone!).
Morning readings 125/72 119/72
Noon readings 128/80 128/72

I am my normal relaxed self today.

I put a call into my doctor. I just don't get it.:confused:

At what point do you say you need to medicate? Everytime I go to the doctor (any doctor now) my bp shoots up thru the roof. Then I wonder if the readings I get at home are just not accurate.

Also - If I take the Toprol - doc said to take it first thing in the morning. When I read the side effects with tiredness and dizziness I thought this would definitely not work for me - I work full time! Is it possible to take this medicine at night before bed??????

thanks again for all your help - it is wonderful just to be able to talk to somebody about this.:)

Hi Stefarina,

I got a call from my doctor last night (actually the doctor's wife who is the doctor that is normally my GP). Told her my readings yesterday were all normal throughout the day. I think my worst was yesterday was 127/80.
When I saw her in december she took my bp and I was fine but I have gotten to the point where she is the only doctor who can take my bp and keep me calm thru the process. She wants me to bring in my blood pressure machine into the office to make sure it is accurate.

She is very well aware of my history. I do have a history of anxiety and she has treated me for panic attacks 3 years ago when my bp started to rise.
I think the problem has returned. 3 years ago I couldn't even take my bp at home. At home I was getting readings just like the ones I get in the docs office now!

I have an appointment with another doctor for an unrelated matter on saturday. I get high readings there too but the reason for my visit is not a pleasant one so I am quite a bit upset when I go there despite the fact that the doctor is very nice. I was thinking I would like to take one Toprol pill that day to see if that helps me. You know it seems I have developed a phobia about getting my bp taken now. I think the solution for people with white coat is to expose them to what they are afraid of until they are no longer afraid.

It is a pity doctors don't work more with people who have white coat because it would save on a lot of confusion.