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Now, I really dislike having my blood pressure taken. This is not a case of "white coat hypertension;" I simply hate the feeling of pressure on my arm and my pulse throbbing underneath, whether a doctor is in the vicinity or not. This is not something that makes me panic or have great anxiety, it's just a big dislike that causes me to tense and want to squirm. So is it at all possible that my elevated systolic is the result of this tension that is present whenever I feel the cuff tighten on my arm? Would the systolic be more affected by such a thing than the diastolic?

I think you are in a bit of denial. It sounds exactly like "white coat hypertension". Why do I know this? Because I was exactly like you about two years ago. I was only 32 yrs old. 6' 180 pounds and I worked out numerous times a week, I ate a very good diet and my cholesterol levels were mint. There was no reason in the world my BPs should be going through the roof in the doc's office and nowhere else. But it was true. The doc wanted me on meds right away and I said no way. About a year goes by and my pressures in the office went from 150s/70s up to 170s/70s.

I was like :eek: I would still have a normal 120/70 outside the office. The doc explained to me that even if I think it's only happening in the doc's office, it's more than likely not because life has so many other stressful situations that cause the spiking of BP and it's during those times that you will be doing damage to your vessels and heart over the course of years/decades which leads to heart disease.

Trust me. I am as stubborn as you appear to be on the surface. I started taking meds after that talk and haven't looked back. Genetics play such a huge roll with BP issues that no matter what you do to prevent it, it can happen to anyone. Don't let this slide. Pay attention to the warning signs. Follow your doc's instructions. I'm on the lowest dosage of Toprol (beta blocker) now and my bps are perfecto at home or in the doc's office.