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I am 50 and have had moderately elevated bp for some years - as have my younger siblings. It seems to be genetic, as we all have good lipid panels and are relatively of normal weight (my sister is quite slender).
Dad died of a heart attack at age 64.

I have tried Toprol, Ace inhibitors, ARBS, diuretics with varying success but bad side effects - very sensitive to any kind of pharmaceuticals. For the last 18 or so months, I have taken 20 mg of Benicar a day and a very tiny amount of HCTC. In the last 2 months, I've noticed my hands being stiff, pain in thumbs, and lumps in joints of some fingers and one toe.

I know HCTC can cause gout, but this is not painful like gout would be. Is it possible the Benicar or HCTC could be inciting arthritis like symptoms?

I am aware of the Marshall Protocol using high doses of Benicar to alleviate immune system diseases, and that sometimes a small dose supposedly incites immune system response. Could this be causing the trouble?

I've taken small amounts of HCTC for some years.

Thanks for any help.
I was on Bystolic for two months when I started to have significant joint pain in both my hands. When I developed bilateral trigger finger I called my doctor. She switched me to Toprol and my hands have slowly gotten better. I can only assume it was the Bystolic.