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I have a friend who has just about run out of options:
23 yr old male, tall and lanky build, July 2002 herniated L5-S1 lifting. After failed conservative treatment (PT, medications, epidural steroid injections [ESI]), he underwent microdiskectomy December 2002. He experienced relief of leg symptoms, but continued with severe low back pain. Again underwent ESIs and facet injections. Discogram August 2003 identified grade 1 annular tear at L4-5 and grade 5 annular tear L5-S1, but no re-herniation. He was evaluated for IDET procedure (against my better judgement) and - suprise -he is not a candidate due to the tears and the fact that his leg symptoms have reappeared. Neuro does not want to do fusion; pain mgmt wont do IDET and states he has nothing else to offer him. Neuro wont give him any pain med except oral Toradol (yikes!), which didnt work and gave him gastritis. Presently he is just taking Advil and Aleve, which gives him only minimal relief (and long-term will tear up his stomach some more!)
I'd like to hear your suggestions, your experiences, because I'd really like to find something to help this guy besides fusion. He's only 23!!!! I know very little about artificial disc replacement, but am willing to learn.
Thank you so much for your help!