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Thanks so much to everyone who has given me advice. I have looked up info on search engines, and some of it is really scary, but I know the military Dr's I see are pretty conservative, they don't just do a surgery unless you really would benefit from it and I trust them.

I will just have to make myself be patient in healing. I talked to my oldest daughter, a friend of hers had this done and felt so good afterwards that she almost got in trouble with her Dr for doing stuff she wasn't supposed to.

Also they finally gave me some more percocet, which in my case is the only medication that takes away the pain. I only have to take 1/4 of a pill and it relieves the pain for a good while, but I cannot take percocet the rest of my life. It has side effects; it makes me feel nauseated and sometimes gives me a headache. I've been on all the other major painkillers, oxyxontin, vicodin, etc, and they worked for a while but then quit working or made me itch. I kept telling them to just give me percocet, because they had given me 2 shots of Toradol in the ER when I first got hurt, and it didn't work and then after 1 percocet the pain went away so they gave me percocet for two months, and when I went back for a refill that is when they told me I had to find out what was causing the pain and not just take pain klillers. They just think you'll get addicted to percocet.
After I went to the civilian Dr's, I was on Vicodin, oxycontin, darvocet, and others I cannot even remember the names of, and they kept me on vicodin for this whole three years. After awhile I only took them at the worst of the pain times--they wanted me to take them 4 times a day to build it up in my system, but I thought that was way too much medication. I never got addicted to any of it. It just never seemed to be any more effective than motrin or tylenol. They kept telling me that vicodin, darvocet and percocet were the same medicine, and I said well then, why not give me the one that works. I just threw out three bottles of those other meds because they have probably expired I've had them so long. Why do they mess with you about medivcations anyway. To me it seems obvious that if a person took any kind of pain pills for as long as I have and didn't get relief from the ones they give you, why would you get addicted? I've read a lot of stuff in the paper lately about how they're trying to reclassify oxycontin and vicodin because so many get addicted to it. It must do a heckuva lot more for them than it did for me. I couldn't see it as a recreational drug. Of course I'm not a drinker or smoker either, I just don't think I have a thing that makes you addicted to stuff, my main vice is general foods hazlenut coffee, but I can take it or leave it, I drink one cup of that in the morning and thats it, I don't even desire a second cup. My husband can sit and drink coffee all day and night. Nuff said on that note.

Anyway I am waiting for the surgeon to fill me in on all the details of the surgery. I guess I will have to see what way he is going to do the actual work before I agree to it. I don't know about having rods and screws in my body, don't they set off the metal detectors in airports? We do travel somewhat.

Thanks Mollie for at least letting me know that the first week is probably the worst. I can deal with being here by myself. As long as I don't have to babysit. I may be able to not have surgery until the 4 year old, who will be 5 on Sept 1st starts kindergarten this fall. That'll take a lot of stress off. Not driving should not be a hassle I only drive when I absolutely have to now.

Pippin, I didn't think I would be healed that quickly. I had bone grafts from my hip to my wrist and that was (as the Dr said) like recovering from a broken hip, from where they took the bone. It took me about 6 months to be able to stand for long periods of time and get back the strength in that leg. But my wrist bones were disintegrated and I went for the surgery rather than have a right hand that couldn't even bear the weight of an empty plate.
I also wonder if this could be what has happened to my backbones because my wrist bones looked normal on xrays, and they couldn't tell until they got in there exactly what was going on with my wrist bones. The bone scans just lit up on my wrist like my back bones are doing now. Who knows, maybe if they rebuild the bones back, there all this pain will go away. I know my wrist has never bothered me again, I don't even have arthritis in it, and I am super glad that I had that surgery.
So again thanks ya'll for the helpful info.
Well folks, I eneded up in the ER last night because my chest pain got so bad, my ekg was bad. They kept me hooked up most of the night, gave me meds and then after that they finally decided it was chostochondritis. Why that made my ekg wild is another question??? Gave me IV motrin, then toradol, then morphine x3.

Had my appointment this am and after putting the needle in my back the Doc found out exactly where the pain is. It is where the l-4 and 5 are and he said it is grinding together. I asked him if he would go for the surgery if it was him and he said yes.
So after I got home the sureon called and set up an appointment for April 6. That is pretty quick for a military consult. I will probably have to go on a waiting list for the actual surgery since my husband is retired military. We are the last priority.

The Doc put in some numbing medicine but he said it would wear off in a couple of hours. He said the reason teh epidurals didn't work before is because they weren't putting it in the right place.

SO wish me luck.