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Ok, I have been having extreme headaches in back of the head (from the occiput to the lamda suture and down the neck) radiating about 2 inches out from each side for about the past 5 months now. The pain is definately a 9 out of 10 and lasts about 1-2 hours and I generally have 3 headaches a day. I have been to at least 10 docs who at first gave me almost every migraine med in the book (imitrex tab and injectable, zomig, relpax and the anti seizure meds neurontin, depakote, and topamax) even though I had no symptoms of migraines. Obviously, none of the meds helped. I have gone to the ER a few times and at best I get some IV reglan or IM toradol, which both dont do much, and a script for compazine for some reason. The best pain relief I have had is when I used some hydocodone syrup that I had from when I had pneumonia, at 40mg a day, which took the pain down to a 7. I was also in the hospital for 3 days during this past 5 months for an unrelated cause and I was given percocet which really helped the headaches, and I was relatively pain free for a bit.

I had an MRI done and I have disk protrusion at c3 and c4, but no signs of stenosis. I dont trust this hospital though, as I and many other people have recieved substandard care there, because of our age (I am 21). I saw a PM doc last month and we tried desipramine and indocin. The indocin though, made my bp sky high, so I dont take it, and the desipramine hasnt helped. Honestly, I seem to have tried most of the available non opiate means of helping my headache, and they dont work. The only thing that has worked has been the short time that I was on opiates. I know I am young, but I just want to be pain free, and I am not looking for a quick high or anything like that at all. My age really shouldnt matter, as I deserve to pain free just as the next person in the room does, but it seems to scream "drug seeker and absuer" to the docs for some reason.

My question is, does my age really disqualify me from being pain free by using opiates. Again, I take every medication that I have exactly as prescribed and do not abuse them at all. I am tired to being treated as second rate, or an abuser, simply because I am young, Young people can have neck, back pain just as any other person can. Do the symptoms that I have seem to match up with my disk problems, or can you even say that as everyone is so different.

I was wondering if you could help me with a dx, if you think that it is different than the c3-c4 disk problem and if my age really disqualifies me from being pain free with the help of opiates. I really appreciate all the help and just ask any questions that you may have and I will answer them. Thanks