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Well in my last post I said I had a transverse process resection, Don't know what that is.
I actually had a transitional vertebrae resection, Guess the drugs were confusing me. This was Monday at 7 a.m. Went home by noon and felt okay except for throat hurting.

Spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday in pain. But not from the surgery-- My throat was killing me. It got to where I couldn't swallow. I called in twice and talked to the nurse, then to anesthesiology, and they all said to suck on ice, eat cold stuff, etc. The pain was probably form the intubation during general anesthesia. I couldn't get it through to them that this was not that kind of pain. I kept saying something was wrong because it hurt worse than the surgery site. They said wait a week and call back if it wasn't better!! A week, by then I think I'd have died because of not being able to swallow. I had to spray with cloraseptic, use antiseptic mouthwash, and go through all kinds of gyrations to get pain pills down for my throat!!! And then it was like trying to swallow a burning piece of pointy stick.

Finally I took my temp and it was over a hundred, and I was feeling weak, so I went on to the ER. They did blood tests and an xray of my throat. I had strep throat!!! Thankfully the xray didn't show any tears. I was so scared that they had torn something in there because the pain was so bad, and they had chipped one of my front teeth. Plus I had blisters all over the inside of my upper and lower lips and I don't even get cold sores. So I knew something was worng.
I mean you don't have pain from the surgical site but your throat is killing you. Intubation isn't that bad.

So they gave me morphine and motrin and toradol in an IV, two doses, then did the xrays and blood tests, and then gave me a massive dose of iv antibiotics, and a steroid shot to take down the swelling. I was already starting to feel better form thepain shots, and by tehtime I got home this morning I guess the antibiotics kicked in. The Dr said the antibiotic they gave me would stay in my body for 10 days.

Good thing I decided to go in to the ER, I don't htink it is a good thing to get any kind of infection after surgery.

The only thing I don't understand now, is that my ankles are very swollen and haven't gone down. They keep telling me just o elevate my feet. Well I am but when I do that, for very long the foot on the surgery side starts going numb.
Has anybody had this problem before? I've read about people having numbness in their feet after surgery.

That leg feels a little weird, but I have no prblem walking up and down the stairs at home, and there is very little pain.

Thanks for listening.