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LOVEQ, I don't post much on this board....but I do go back and read the Urology and Pain management boards once in awhile....just because all of the support and help I have gotten (from being a lurker....lol)
I do honestly have to say.....LISTEN to what Shoreline has to say! He has been my best supporter in what I have gone thru! Well, he doesn't know that...but he is!!!
OK, here's my story: I've had urethral diverticuitis 3 times...had surgery 3 times to correct it in the last 4 years. The 2nd surgery was at Mayo....they told me it was rare to have it recur again. Well, it did. I hated Mayo......they put me thru hell post-op (gave me Toradol IV and tylenol after I had been on Oxycontin and Oxycodone for breakthru.....I screamed in pain for 4 hours postop til they finally got a morphine pump).....request my records!!!!!! I can prove it!
Anyway, Jan 8th, 2004, I got the Interstim Implant done for chronic urethal pain/incontinence......I was on Oxycontin 10mg TID, Oxycodone BID for breakthru, Elavil, Ditropan, Topamax..........
The minute they turned my Implant on.......the pain was gone
I got off all meds and just passed my RN state boards 2 weeks ago!
Shoreline doesn't know me.......but....I owe a lot to him!
LOVEQ.....I've been there.....I do know the pain that you are in!
Listen to Shore! He will be your biggest advocate!!!!!
I am there for you too!