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Lucybooz- I am sooo sorry. I din't mean to scare anyone. I just have not had very good experiences with diskograms. I had a lot of pain during and for a few days after. But I have also heard others say they had no pain at all, so maybe I'm just a wimp.

But to answer your question, they gave me a little versed (which is a light sedation) and then numbed my back. After that they injected a dye into the disks. They did this on 3 levels for me. They don't want you to take anything for pain before the procedure because they are trying to recreate your normal pain. As they are injecting the dye they want you to tell them if you are having similar pain, the exact same pain or no pain at all. I had pain at all 3 levels but the 3rd injection just about brought me up off the table. It was the exact same pain, except magnified by about 10,000 times. LOL. But I must say they medicated me really well afterwards. They gave me Fentanyl, then Toradol, and a little later they also gave me Vicodin. I normally only take Vicodin at bedtime to get a little sleep and try to tough it out during the day, so I actually felt better when I left than I did when I came in.

It is a very useful diagnostic tool. I had already had xrays, and an MRI that showed nothing, but the diskogram showed I had cracked my fusion when I fell. So it was well worth it.

So please, If you have to have this done, don't worry about it too much. The extreme pain only lasts for a couple of minutes, if that long. Again, I am sorry if I scared you.