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My former PCP prescribed Ultram as a dialy therapy for migraines years ago (1 pill/day). It had gotten to the point that between the migraines and cluster headaches I was spending three weeks out of every month with some kind of debilitating headache. After about a week I started getting really back stomach cramps (similar to what I get with antibiotics like Ceclor) so he tried something different and finally found 20mg. of Toradol would get rid of the migraines withing 20 minutes. This is what I still take and it's still the most consistently effective. After I changed jobs my migraines dropped to maybe three per year as well.

My new internist prescribed Bextra as an attempt to treat the chronic back and lower leg pain. I took one pill as my wife was in the process of researching it online... turns out it's contraindicated for people with Sulfa allergies. I once had a reaction so bad to Sulfa drugs that the ER wanted to admit me. I told the doc this in person and several times in paperwork form but he STILL gave me something that could cause a reaction.

My ortho tried Neurontin after my lumbar fusion for the pain from permanent nerve damage. It didn't really help the pain that much but made my already poor sense of balance much worse. I woke up in the middle of the night once when I first started taking it and actually fell trying to get out of bed. I was taking four pills a day, believe they were 200mg. each, not sure though (yellow pills).

With the heart concerns you're having you definitely need to report those side effects to your PM doc, it's not something you can really afford to ignore. Each time I get a new med I reasearch it online now to make sure my wife and I know the side effects and any warnings (like the sulfa allergies warning on Bextra).

Good luck getting your meds worked out!