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Hey Pete, Ketophofen is Toradol, an anti inflamatory, It was the wonder NSAID that came out about a 15 years ago, Everyone was prescribing it claiming it was as potent as an shot of demi. That was untill the FDA put out a black box warning that oral use beyond 5 days can cause gastric bleeds and more than a 5 day supply shouldn't be prescribed of the oral or Injectable version. They still give toradol injections in the ER and some family practices that prefer not to use opiates, and a shot can help depending on your response and level of pain.

They used to prescribe home injectable Toradol prior to the black box warning. "the strongest warning the FDA puts out"

However in a topical it's not likelty to cause a gastric bleed. The Ketamine is unique too, It's actually a a vet med used as a tranqualizer, however it's a powerful NMDA receptor blocker and believed to be especially helpful with nerve pain. I've also heard of using Ketamine to induce controlled coma to break the cycle of severe migraines. Ketamine is also known well on the street as "special K" and very dangerous when used by kids at raves after vet roberies, they are using doses designed for animals and it's a veryy dangerous designer drug like X.

You may want to not mention the Ketamine if you talking about this rub around folks, some idiot may think if they eat a spoonful they will catch a buzz like from the vet supplies. There really isn't enough Ketamine for that to work, but people looking to use meds for a buzz doesn't always lead to the Brightest decisions.

I imagine this was prescribed for some type of topical neuralgia? Hope it works, I've met a few folks that had good luck with this med for PN and RSD and other problems like shingles.
God luck, Dave
Thanks for the info on Toradol. I wondered why no one prescribes it anymore. Back in the early 90's I always had a script for it for cramps from my OB-GYN. It really did work wonders. I had a shot in the ER not long ago and it too worked great. Too bad about the side effects.
Hi.....When I was prescribed Toradol 5 yrs ago it was called 'Ketorolac'. Did they change the name or is that just another name for it? I can't keep track of all the different names they have for these meds anymore. I do know that the Toradol shot I was given did wonders for my pain at the time, but the short course of the pills they gave me later just about ripped my stomach to shreds. It's good to know they have compounded it into a cream for those that need it. Hope it works well for you.