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Hey guys.. this is my first post.. I had a spinal fusion and reduction (implantation of two rods and 6 screws) to help correct my spondylolisthesis and scoliosis about 6 years ago. Everything went relatively well except that I still experience pain everyday. I'm leery to take any narcotic-based pain medication bc I got slightly addicted when I got out of the hospital. I've been taking Vioxx (until it got pulled), Naproxen, Flexeril, and Toradol ever since, but don't seem to get any relief. I've tried Physical Therapy a million times. I'm getting really frustrated because I'm only 18 but I feel like I'm 85! My doctor can't seem to come up with any solutions and I feel like I'm going to hurt this way forever. Does anyone have any suggestions on medications that may have helped them or any other alternative options? Thanks everybody