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I am sure by now you have read alot about discograms...they are not fun or pain free and the reality is that it will be several days before you can "function" normally afterwards.

My husband had one and I did not want him to after reading everything I had read before the test. It is supposed to tell you which discs are the bad ones but the test is not infallable.

It has been described acurately here except that although the one person said that they were back to themselves by the next day, that isn't usually the case. I know I was in the room with my husband immediately after they pulled the last needle out and he could barely sit up nor walk to the car afterward...the versed and the toradol they gave him did not relieve or cover his pain...

And because of reading all I read before his test, I had called ahead to the doc's office and obtained vicodin 10 mg. vicodins for the after pain orally. Those did not help much either. The best thing was plenty of sleep and rest and ice, ice, ice. He couldn't get enough ice packs.

Off the subject a little...

I am still very upset that he went through that test because it was originally for deciding on which levels to operate on and surgery would not be done without it. Now, we know after the disco/CT (what we already knew from his MRI) that he has 3 levels affected and 2 of them are grade 5 tears and leaking into his spinal canal. AND NO SURGERY!

I have read that has happened alot. The course of treatment changed or stopped altogether. And that is what makes me screaming mad. Now my husband has been told a year and a half of pain is not enough to warrent surgery, it is still considered fresh and should heal...HAH! And that L 2-3 is his only good disc in his spine and surgery won't help. I sure don't think it could make things worse because he can't work, he can't run or play with our kids or pick up our youngest. He is in a high level of pain that he is now on narcotics for and he is only 46 years old.

A couple of the docs mentioned more than once that some people live in the pain for 10 years before surgery...I don't get that. Why waste life this way...I know the stats say that 5-10 years down the road from surgery, there are alot of repeat surgeries but my god that would buy a person those initial years of less pain and I know I would trade out the possibility of future surgery years later to see my husband get some relief from this pain he is in every day now.