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Yesterday I went and had my cervical epidural steroid injection, which I have had 3 times before, but not for a year or so. I have been with my PM for about 4 years now and thought we had a good relationship. I am usually not nervous about this procedure because they hook me up with an IV and give me sedation.
I usually tell the anesthesiologist when I think I am ready for the doctor to proceed, and I always tell them (and my PM doc knows this) that I have a low tolerance to pain and a high threshold for meds, meaning it takes alot of medss to affect me. So I am on my stomach telling this anesth. that it doesn't feel like he has given me anything at all and that I am not ready!. But my PM doesn't say anything and starts with the numbing needle which I feel alot, and then proceed with the injections, (6 of them). I am at that point crying my eyes out telling them it hurts very bad and to please give me more meds. All I here is my PM saying its almost over, hang in there. What!, are you kidding? I thought I would die.
As they wheel me out of the or I am still crying and telling them I cannot move my upper body at all that the pain is horrible.
I don't see the anesth. guy or my Pm doc at this time, just the nurses and I tell them about the pain. After 15 min. they track down my Pm doc and he asks me what is up. I tell him I cannot move my upper body without extreme pain and something is not right. He proceeds to tell the nurses to give me 1 percocet and an injection of Toradol. He says it will start working in about an half an hour.
What? I feel like I am going to die, crying shaking, my husband is with me at this point and doesn't know what to do. After that time, it settles down just a little bit and I ask where my Pm doc is and they said he will be in surgery now for a couple of hours. Oh My God. He has left me here like this.
At this point I tell the nurses to take out my Iv that I am going home. They said you can't go yet we have to give you your dishcharge papers etc. and I say well If the doc can leave without giving a crap about his patient so can I. So they take it out, I put my clothes on and one of the nurses walked us out to my car. I tell her this is barbaric and they will not hear the last of me.
So I left. Cried all the way home, took double of my meds which I shouldn't do but was left with no choice. Now mind you I am on Avinza (morphine) for over a year and they expected to calm my pain down with one measly percocet. Get real!
Anyway it is the next day, no phone call from doc or hospital. I did make a appt. with my family doc for today to discuss what happened yesterday and to tell her that I am not going back there even for follow up. Screw him. O
I will just let her manage my meds which this Pm doc, that's all he was doing anymore except for this one injection, that I requested to get a hold of my headaches if It would. So we will see what happens.

Does anyone have any suggestions as what I could do? I cannot find anymorre Pm docs around here.
Would you have done the same thing?
Thanx for letting me vent, I needed that.