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I have been through everything that you have mentioned, it sounds so, so familiar!! My initial diagnosis was prostatitis with many rounds of antiboitics doxycycline, ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin, and many more flouroquinolone antibiotics, antiinflammatories including vioxx, celebrex, mobicox, advil, toradol, alphablockers like you mentioned including flomax, also low dose tricylic antideppresants used for nerve pain like elavil, anticonvulsants like neurontin tegretol, etc. with nothing working in total 44 different meds and med combos. I have had cat scans, mri's, cyscoscopy, numerous urine, semen samples, and blood work all sorts of tests also accupuncture with nothing showing up.I ahve seen 4 different urologists and gastrointestinal doc.
I have severe pain in perineum, deep inside pelvis, and refered pain in testicles.I finally was refered to pain management clinic and I am on pain meds which help alot. I am now back with family doc who used to be a urologist and he is great and I am booked in to see another couple docs for more tests. Anyway this is just a quick post I will get back to you to give more details later. there are not very many people who have this it will be interesting to talk to somebody with a condition similiar or the same, gotta run.