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hello Ed,
first of all, no your not going crazy. but your mind is definately going thru anxiety, mental stress and beyond. so first things first, grab hold of what you got, and lay down on the couch, close your eyes and just breathe. i mean it, breathe. let the pain (even for the moment) melt away.
as for your story, man i know what your going thru. i am a 32 yo. male who WAS in the Navy, actually i was a navy diver. ran marathons, triathlons, etc...and now .. having to learn how to start over. i had back surgery(minor) after 4 years of pain. infact, my last year of duty in the military was while i was in pain every day. sometimes, i used to have to go to the emergency room and get a Toradol injection for the pain just so i could go back to work the next day. back pain is horrible, i too , had many injuries and never complained too much, until the back pain. it humbles you. its ok, be humbled, accept the pain, that is the first part to learning how to get rid of it. as for an answer, understand that i am still in pain, and learning as i go along. but you have to look at it this way, you cant control your body(pain) so control what you can, your mind. are you christian. i am. and pray everyday to the Lord, and ask him for healing, and learn to create a relationship with him. i praise him, even when i feel horrible. and know that i am really hurt. i have been out of work since aug.02 (3 yrs yesterday..kinda dubious anniversary) but i know i am going to heal. i will be back at work, but its a day by day thing. are you married, if your work situation is kicking your butt, then do what you have to do. get disability, or unemplyment or what ever you have to do to get by. but dont think this is the end...it only is if you believe it to be!! i will pray for you and look forward to your response. god bless, bshire :angel: