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Hi, I'm new to this board.

I have chronic back pain/sciatica from ddd L4-S1. Tramadol gives me migraines and I can't take opiates (recovering addict). Today I got a toradol injection and after much begging and pleading, got them to give me some pills to take home. They work great!!!! A bit of a stomachache but nothing too major.

I know that you aren't supposed to take them for more than 5 days, but I'm wondering how often you can take them? I mean if I take them for 5 days and stop, when can I take another 5-day course? Do I need to wait a week? A month? That's it for the rest of my life?

Any info from your experience with this WONDERDRUG! is much appreciated. :bouncing:
Toradol is certaintly NOT a wonder drug. When it first appeared, Docs were told it was a non-narcotic, non-opiate. non-addicting new wonder drug. Instead, it has proven to be harder to stop taking as any opiate. It has opiate like properties and also has properties similar to medications that are used to stop depression, like Paxil.

I was given Ultram when it first came out and it didn't do a thing for me. I'm glad it works for you. But be careful. And it is NOT what I would call a wonder drug.
Hey Wolftrades, nice to (see) you again, last we posted (on A&R) I said I couldn't take anything for my back, and then my back went out. :(

Are we talking about the same thing? Toradol (ketorolac) not Ultram (tramadol)? Oh, please don't tell me it's like tramadol. They say you can only take it for 5 days or it kills your kidneys, and is like taking a huge dose of ibuprofen, it's an NSAID. I have no desire to take it again, a few doses and I swear my back is cured, I think that much anti-inflammatory action just killed all the inflammation. Today I'm switching back to advil for 2 reasons: 1) toradol is strong and makes me a little sleepy and 2) I want to have the rest of my pills around for the next time, given how hard it was to convince them to give it to me. (I so hear you on getting pain pills, I had to beg, plead, get a nurse on my side and then go through a doctor shift change to get this stuff, and it's, I don't think, even a narcotic!!!)

BTW, after all that stuff about hating pharma (swear I didn't/don't) I'm thinking I want to find the guy who invented this drug and buy him a lear jet. ;)
WOlftrades, I think you have toradol and tramadol confused.

Toradol is not addicting and does not have anti-depressant properties, that is tramadol/ultram. Toradol is an NSAID and nothing else. Your biggest risk with this med is stomach problems. It is a good pain reliever but like all other NSAIDs you have to be careful with chronic use.

All the things you said about tramadol is true and I would not take that stuff.