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Ankylosed disc space Hello and how is everyone doing. As of late my back pain is getting worse. The other day I could hardly stay on my feet. It felt like my legs were going to give out. I had my discogram done and it said The imaging shows advanced degeneration of the disc and what appears to be an ankylosed disc space and mild prominence of the soft tissues in a right posterolateral distribution. The CT abnormalitiies appear to be most consisitent with osteophytes extending into the foramina which were aggravated during needle placement and annular puncture.

Does anyone know if they could do a fusion at this L5/S1 level where this partial ankylosis of the disc space. I can see why the vicodin dose not help this pain at all. I have tried steroids, toradol shots (they helped for a couple of days) and then nothing else helps. I wake up in such agony and my neck is so painful now too, feels like my spine is giving out. It is nice to visit this site and know that others are experiencing the same pain. I try to look at the positive side of it all. And why does it take so long to see the Ortho surgeon is beyond me. Its been four weeks since my discogram, I call every other day to see if anyone cancels. I know he is a popular doctor but man this wait is terrible. I have applied for short term disability and now they are requesting more details from the doctors. Anyone have problems in this area with the disability.
Does anyone know of any other treatment for this condition?
Sorry this is so long and thank you for reading, Would love to hear your answers or opinions either which way you present them back. I am very open minded to these boards. God bless :angel: