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Quiet cook I forgot to tell you the biggest one, When I had the mri results and went to see my primary doctor you know what he said to me and after he been treating me with toradol shots for months, he said I dont think this is a surgical problem you may need to do some exercise I was like Man I cant even hardly walk or sit at my desk and thats what he told me. I couldnt believe it. So he said to see the ortho surgeon. I cant believe it when that happened and I had went in several times in september and october telling him I couldnt work no more the pain of sitting and standing was too much for me. Sometimes Quiet cook doctors dont want to listen to us or they think we are looking for a way out of work. I suffered so much pain for months before I said I cant do it no more. When the shelf fell on me and knocked me down to floor you should see the photos of my hip ThIS injury really flared everything up, so I just wanted to put this in here. Actually writing this has helped me look at the last couple of months a little differently. WHen this surgery is over I most likely will get another primary doctor that specialize in my kind of care, any suggestions on that one for a primary doctor? Thank you dear and talk to you soon

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