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Hi, I too was worried about the same. I am on Vicadin, a common script for "breakthru" pain. If you are on a daily pain reliever, they may prescribe this, or even stronger methadone. With Vicadin you build a tolerance. I have had it before for a neck injury. After about 6 months, I went from 1, 5.0/500 to 1 or 2, 7.5/750. The thing to remember about Vicadin is that the last number (750) is the amount of acitominaphin*sp?, You are only allowed 4000 mgs of it a day, or you can look for a liver. At the worst pain you have, you can only take 5 of the (ES) a day. So that should take a worry away about one drug. Another common is Oxycontin and Methdone. These are the ones that you have to follow the directions explicitly. If you are in this to help pain, and shoot for recovery then you will listen to your Dr. and it will be O.K. If you have an addiction problem, or are scared, by all means talk to your prescriber. I was told the same as I'm telling you. One thing to remember in chronic care, is if you try to eliminate the pain completely, all the time, there could be a large price to pay if something as an operation is done and you need to eliminate that pain too. I am a chronic back pain patient, soon to be fixed, but it has been 16 months. My tolerance levels are very high. I had a hemarrhoid operation last week. My pain pills for that, was the same as I take now. I had no help for the pain of surgery, and the day after I was brought into emergency in extreme pain for a shot of Toradol. I screamed it hurt that bad. There is always some price to pay with pain meds, so burn this in the brain, that you will only take exactly what is prescribed. Good luck.