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Ok, Kelsey (and anyone who this might help) I am happy to share my most recent experience which is the result of me after previous times deciding that I need to just deal with my fear and go forward even if the result ends up with me being labeled incorrectly and having a bad outcome. I will try to make it short but give enough info to get enough details across. (With this PM, I have done several injections, all the requested tests, and previous to his care tried many alternative therapies to no avail, so I think that helps, but boy did I suffer during this time.)

My last regularly scheduled monthly appointment where I was hoping to discuss that I felt I was building tolerance up to my current dose of vicodin (which was increased just 2 months ago and I had previously reported that it was working great because it was) – was cancelled by the doctors office because I was scheduled to have a discogram by my same PM the day after the regular med refill appointment. When they called they asked if I minded canceling the appt. and they would just give me a script when I got the discogram and I said ok (although in my mind, I was a bit upset, I wasn’t thinking I was at the point where I needed an increase in meds but I new my tolerance was building and things were starting to not be controlled so well so I wanted a chance to state that to the doctor so if and when things got out of control it wouldn’t be a surprise. On the other hand I was hoping the discogram would finally tell what was wrong with me so without any argument I agreed to the cancellation and I did receive a new prescription for the same strength and amount of vicodin for another month when I went for the discogram. Also after the discogram they gave me toradol for a few days which helped my pain too. About this same time I had previously adjusted to the level of topamax I was previously taking and knew it was a low dose both for migraines and nerve pain (my GP prescribes that), so knowing my pain was getting out of control again, I proactively went to my GP and got a small increase in the topamax – to at least get that started – this is not an easy thing for me, topamax makes me really stupid, and even the 25mg a day increase really impacts me. Anyway, 2 weeks later I got back into see the PM as a follow up to the discogram and it was confirmed that the discogram was negative. Before this appointment I already made the deal with myself I was going to tell the PM where I was with my pain and by now it was worse than before as I already knew 6 weeks ago that ‘it’ was starting all over again. When he asked how I was doing I told him that I felt that my tolerance to the vicodin was building up again, just as it had the first time I came to see him. (I was very afraid to use the word ‘tolerance’ with him.) I then said, ‘it just doesn’t work like it did before and it’s just like before’; I said “for example, I have already taken 2 pills this morning “ (I am allowed 1 per 4 hours) and it was already 10 or 11 o’clock and I told him my pain was hitting a 5-6 and I wasn’t even doing much of anything and my pain is mostly aggravated by being in a standing or upright position. I then proceeded to tell him that I knew the vicodin wasn’t working as well for several weeks back and that I had gone back to my GP and had my topamax increased and had already been at the higher level for 2 weeks now and it didn’t seem to be making a difference yet, but that I realized it can take some time. My PM did hear me and he is still working with me to find out what is wrong. He did more tests (bending, lifting, moving, asking questions) and he did another diagnostic shot thing that numbs just the outer muscles which didn’t work. He then asked me if I had tried percocet and I reminded him that we had tried that back when I first came to him (switched from vic to perc and that I didn’t sleep at all for 2 weeks no matter what sleep medicines he gave me (and then he remembered all the trouble I had). Then he said at my next appointment he would change me to norco – another vicodin with less Tylenol so I can take more and in the meantime he gave me valium, I believe it is about the last muscle relaxant he has given me to try – none have worked thus far – and now neither does the valium except for great sleeping – which tells me I am not having muscle spasms. He told me I could only take the valium for a month or two anyway. My next appointment is this Wednesday and on this appointment I am hoping he will follow through on the increase in the vicodin because out of everything it works better than anything else I have tried – admittedly I haven’t tried everything. I still haven’t adjusted to the new level of topamax either and I still have lots of room to go up on that and I am willing as I feel I will adjust as I finally did to the 50 mgs and it really does help the pain – if I forget to take it, I just can’t function. I also know percocet is out for me and it is stronger than vicodin – tramadol did the same thing to me in regards to sleeping – or should I say not sleeping – and I mean NO sleeping. I could close my eyes, but I would not drift off at all. This implies to me that oxycontin (spelling) would probably not work for me since it is the same drug as percocet. I truly feel I need a LA as I have the pain most of the time but I also understand that the PM is trying to diagnosis and figure out the problem is before he goes to this resort. I am willing to try almost any drug, narcotic or otherwise with a couple exceptions: (I will stop here, I am rambling).

As another note, my personality style (I think) is that I come across as being pretty straight-forward and upfront and educated but I don’t try to ever look like I know more than the doctor. In fact, I think sometimes when I ask questions I will say, I don’t mean to imply that I understand this correctly, but I read, blah, blah, blah, and then ask my question and I usually can strike up a fairly good conversation. This PM was once drawing a picture of something of the human back, vertabraes and discs and explaining something to me and I said - oh that’s the such and such and he said – oh did you have a discogram before? And I said no, no - I explained that I do a lot of reading and that because I have suffered in pain for so long I have done a lot of studying about back problems and other potential illnesses that might cause my symptoms – I then told him the problem with that was that I had a bad habit of diagnosising myself and that was very dangerous. I also try to keep my hands in my lap (instead of in my pockets where I would like them to be) and I try really hard to make eye contact, even when I am scared. I am sure I look down when I am embarrassed, but the bottom line is that I am not lying, and I know it, so I decided to just trust in myself. Gosh I hope that makes sense and maybe this will help someone else.