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Hi all,
Just wanted to follow up with everyone. I was not one of the lucky people to walk to my ct scan. In fact I'm pretty sure i blacked out when they loaded up my L5. I remember moaning very loudly and then they were shaking me telling me it was over. I recieved a shot of toradol which didn't begin to touch it. I couldn't move at all in the recovery bed and was having an aweful time. They then gave me a shot of dilaudid. After about 20 min after the dilaudid i was able to slowly sit up. I did walk to the c/t but after a pretty heavy dose. By walk it was more like a shuffle. I don't want to scare anyone out there i am very happy that i had it done. I was told that i would be a canidate for adr and i have a grade 4 L5-S1. Whatever that means. I will be meeting with the othepedic surgeon the 30th. I will keep you all posted. Thank you for your advice and comments it made me feel better knowing you all have survived this procedure. I am very grateful for this site and the people on it.