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I'm so sorry you are still having this much pain. I know that some of the opiate/narcotic pain medications can cause "rebound" headaches. Is it possible that you are getting these instead of tension headaches? Either way, a bad headache is a bad headache and isn't pleasant to deal with.

There are many non-narcotic pain meds out there that might be able to be used. I don't know what can and can't be taken with Norco, but can you talk with your pm doctor about something non-narcotic to take with the Norco when you get a headache? There are very few things that help my migraines, but one thing I've found is Toradol. It's not something that can be taken daily for long term, but for use to get rid of the headaches, it may work for you. It's worth asking him about it.

Hopefully someone here will be able to help you. Like I said, I've had no experience with Norco, so I'm just not able to give better advice. Keep checking back, someone is bound to have some better info!