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Well, I went to Urgent Care yesterday about my back and they found blood in my urine, so they sent me to the ER. They were thinking that there was something wrong with my kidneys or a kidney stone or even my appendix. I knew that I didn't, but they wanted to have it confirmed with a CAT scan. So, I spent 11-8pm in the ER yesterday, because of this test. I had to do drink the dye and wait two hours before the test and then got the dye injection. I had to wait another two hours for my results to come back negative. My diagnosis was pulled muscle and abdominal contusion. They came up witht the contusion because my side and front abdomen was hurting so badly, especially when they pushed on it. I was in so much pain yesterday, mainly because of having to lie on my back all day in a very uncomfortable hospital bed. They gave me a little morphine at first, but that didn't phase it. So the nurse came back and gave me a shot of Toradol, which really helped.The pain was so bad that I literally couldn't move, or shift without that searing pain.
So, I finally got to leave with a Rx for Motrin and Percocet and three days off of work. I still had a little trouble sleeping last night, mainly b/c I am a stomach sleeper, and I had to sleep on my back or my left side. But, I do feel much better today and can move around alot easier. I think it's the combination of the motrin and of course, the Percocets. But I think it is starting to get better and I'll probably be back to work by Thursday.
I just hope this is not the start of recurring back pain! I've read that alot of people's back pain started with a pulled muscle, then have to deal with flare ups for the rest of their lives. I pray that's not my case~
Again, thanks for everyone's help. You guys are always so helpful (the whole healthboards group) :angel: