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Hi Amy, I'm not sure if it would be any less orexpensive or your insurance would be more inclined to pay, but knowledgable PM docs can write scripts for specificaly made saves used to treat neuropothy. Most contain at least lidocaine, others may also contain topical toradol , ketamine, and any number of ingredients your doc may feel are usefull. A compounding pharamcy can't qoute you a price untill you have the compounding directions on the script with the proportions of each med. It is an alternative, If your insurance does cover specially compounded meds. They may choose to cover your lido patches Vs the expense of having a specialized pharmy compound specific topicals when you know there is already a ready made product on the market that works.

IF your disabled , meet income requirements, lack of insurance or have letters of refusal to pay for the patches for an FDA approved use, you may also qualify for the manufacturer patient assistance program. It's certainly worth a call to see if you might qualify for their free med program.
Good luck, Dave