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Hi everyone, I'm 29 and have endometriosis. I have excruciating pains with my period, for a full 7 days, and also the week before it, not just in my abdomen but also in my legs, the doc calls this leg pain referred pain. He currently has me on Toradol and Darvocet n100, to take as needed. Problem is the Darvocet wears off before the 6hrs is up, and neither is completely getting rid of it. I usually end just sitting in the floor because there's no way to get comfortable with this.

I have an appt next week to see about having some of this endo removed with a laparoscopy, but if I choose not to do that do you have any suggestions for things I could talk over with my doc, different meds I could ask about or anything that might help that maybe I haven't thought of? I know this is probably nothing compared to what some of you go through, at least I only have to put up with it 2wks out of the month, but for those 2wks I can't plan anything or go out-frustrating! Any responses appreciated, thanks, em.
Hi everyone, thanks for your kind replies, you have given me some great info. Curious, I had forgotten about the thermacare things, will have to check those out, looked for a heating pad but couldn't find one, maybe a drugstore carries?

Amanda, thank you so much, I am definitely going to ask the dr about a new medicine. I am still having periods and stay off birth control because I would love to have a child. I have infertility due to this endo and also pcos. DH and I have been trying for 7yrs with no success so I guess the drs don't worry to much about giving me meds, they said the chances of a pregnancy occuring without fertility treatment is next to nothing. Sometimes I get tired of this every month and have seriously considered asking for a hysterectomy, just to be done with it all. I have an appt with my regular gyn the 28th and with an re dr in Jan. I have been to him before and am going back one more time to see if there are any options as far as me getting pregnant. Even if there aren't I will still discuss this endo with him, like you said it is better to have this treated by a specialist. I will definitely ask about excision vs. laser, thank you for telling me about that.

Kissa, you are right about the 6hr thing, he has my toradol written the same way, will be worth seeing if I can find something every 4. I wouldn't expect 100% relief like you said, but it would be so nice to be able to do things with my friends and leave the house during that time of month, I would be very happy if I could get just enough pain relief for that. Hopefully things will work out, I am staying optimistic. Thanks again for everyone's help :angel: em
Hi again,
Wow everyone on this board is so responsive and helpful. Thanks again for the replies. It really gives me hope to hear others who've had this and overcome the infertility part. As far as the pain that's interesting that the tampons might contribute, I'd never thought of it or of taking meds before the pain actually starts. Makes sense though. I probably will avoid depo since I already have fertility issues. I like the idea of taking meds before the inflamation starts, the nsaid I have now Toradol is supposed to be really strong, dr said not to take for more than 4 days in a row and I need something for like 2 weeks, maybe ibuprofen reg. would do it if I take it enough ahead of time. Kathy, if I didn't want a baby so bad I would have had a hysterectomy years ago too, I'm glad you were able to have a child before having to get yours done especially since the odds of it are so low, it's really like a miracle. Well I go to the dr on the 28th, will definitely keep everyone's suggestions and advice in mind when talking to him. Thank you, em
so, you are trying then? i had grade III endo and was told we would never have a child without IVF. we did go a few years with no birth control, but when we were looking at another surgery we really started trying everything in the book to get pregnant and then i got pregnant with my daughter and then had no problems getting pregnant after her. now, i did have problems staying pregnant after i took the depo. bad idea.

take 200 mg of ibu every six hours two to three days before you usually start hurting and then increase the amount on your pain days but try to keep it between 400 and 600 mg every 4-6 hours for pain, but on the advise of your doctor you can go as high as 800 mg (don't go any higher, as it can cause kidney damage). you may ask to take nexium to counter the effects of the NSAIDS on your stomach. i worked for an ob/gyn for years and his patients had great response to this and so did i. i had doubled over, want to vomit, curl up, and scream kind of pain, but if i got a jump on it, it was there, but not unmanageable. i also get pain with ovulation. it always turns into a big cyst that ruptures and bleeds and causes tons of pain and pressure. that has hurt so bad before they thought it was my appendix. i would advise you, since you are trying to get pg, to stay away from the opioids, in case you get pg while on it. it really shouldn't hurt the baby, but you don't want to have that worry or concern on you. however, if you need something stronger, they do have a vicoden ibuprofen combination that is great for endo - vicoprofen. it is more important to take an anti-inflammatory than anything with apap in it because you are battling with inflammation in addition to the pain and the inflammation makes the pain worse, so it has a better effect with the nsaid. or stick with the toradol. that is a pretty strong one that should do you well especially if you follow the pre-pain ibu schedule.

also, i had friends who did lupron for depo and found their fertility increased after they finished the cycle. just a thought.

good luck and keep me informed.