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dear tammy.my last mri was 1998 and it was then my ortho md suggested retirement.my bulge at that time was L2.minimal he called it,but obviously enough to cause me pain.slight loss control of bowel.this injury was work related.showed lumbar disc disease.md stated it was as bad as it gets.have been treated for a pinched nerve in the cervical spine in jan.,2006.loss of strength in my right arm.numbness,tingling.conservative care.took approx. 6 weeks for that to heal.the chronic pain is almost unbearable at times.sometimes i just want a day without pain.i dont want demerol,morphine or dilaudid.i ask for things like toradol with vicodin.not for months of scripts,but for just a few days of relief.the pain gets me to the point where im forgetful and rattle brained.i hate this.i have to be in control of me.here i am rattling off.my small pleasures are few.omg ive turned into one of my patients,LOL,....hahahahahah.i really appreciate your help.where do i go for other training so that i can find a different line of work.i made a very comfortable living before.now nothing.if it werent for my husband i would be in dire straits.hes my hero.he says he will take care of me but i cant let him do that.he is the half that makes me whole but i feel like im missing 25% of me right now.i feel embarrassed and unfit for most anything right now.thanks and i hope to hear from you again