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I like the idea of a night time/sleep thread, too. After running to the bank and the grocery store, my low back, hip and leg are stiff and burning. My husband had to help me into and out of the shower (don't you just hate that helpless feeling?). I'm going change into my jammies, fix my snack and get my drink, and check out the board until I'm too sleepy to think. I haven't taken my two Percocets yet, but they're sitting on the night stand ready and waiting.

Carol - those cards sound really wonderful. You are obviously very creative, and that's such a great outlet for you. It's nice to keep your mind active, and doubly nice that your family pitches in on assembly. I'm sure it helps you feel like you're contributing more (which is definitely something I know we all fight from time to time).

I went to my family doctor last week, and because I was in severe pain she did something new - she gave me a Toradol shot. I'm telling you I slept like a baby. Fortunately my husband drove me to the doctor (or else she wouldn't have given me the shot). I hate needles anymore (after all the back stuff), but I'd go get one of these every week if I thought I could. Has anyone else ever had one of these? Just a poke in the hip and I was floating. What was even better was my muscles were more relaxed when I woke up, but I didn't have that drugged out feeling.

Oh well, better get to fixing that snack. I hope everyone has a wonderful night's sleep.