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When I was in the hospital they gave me toradol for 3 days they told me that it was an antiinflammatory I have no restrictions on advil. Also I just got the rods and fusion material. I did not have a disc removed . I only had like a half a fusion. They stabilized the spine and the rods lifted everything up or straightened it. I know it is confusing. I got a letter from the insurance saying they had authorized a bone stimulator. The dates were from right after the surgery until april. I called the Dr office and he said all of the Dr. patients usually get on but I was an exception. I was part of a trial that is a fusion without replacing the disc. All I know is the recovery seems easier and all my pre surgery pain is gone. Hope this works or I have to have a complete fusion. The next time they will go thru the stomach.

We measured my incision last night and it is 7 inches. Sure looked longer. Looks real good but sure is starting to itch.

I am know able to get up and down by my self and up and down the stairs walking normaly. I first had to take it one step at a time. I had a problem with my left leg being weaker however that seems better.

Planning on going out side today if the weather permitts.