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:mad: I had it done at 3:10pm Tuesday... it's now after midnight going into Friday morning. This is my 1st time sitting down at the computer... I put it off as long as possible. Quite uncomfortable.

I am lucky to have had my procedure done at a fancy brand new place... everything was new and clean and fresh. Team was young and perky and ran like a well oiled machine. I hadn't eaten (on purpose) to try and avoid vomiting mid procedure and they weren't thrilled about that... so started up an IV within 5 minutes of walking in the door. Apparently antibiotics are pretty common BUT I am allergic to nearly everything they had in the office so we had to be creative which involved an obscene ammount of Benadryl to keep me from itching my skin off from mild hives reaction. By the time the doc came in, I was asleep in my chair. They didn't like this and had a hard time waking me up. I had to sign all my forms asleep.. it was crappy. By the time I actually reached the procedure room, the benadryl was wearing off quickly. I began to have nervous twitches which turned into nervous shakes which turned into nervous convulsions. The procedure took nearly 2 1/2 hours on the table because they kept needing to give me rest breaks to try and control the violant shakes because the xrays were coming out blurs, even with having me hold my breath. I got toradol about 3 times over the course of the 2 1/2 hours... they (stupidly in my opinion) did a 3 level and went from high to low. (My fracture is L5 S1) so the 1st two levels created nothing. When they reached them bottom/tailbone area I prepared for the worst... when the injection was done it was instant tears followed by hyperventalating but I remained still so they could finish up. At that point they (finally) broke out the morphine and I mellowed out. As the xray shot off many times I heard everyone commenting "wow... it's just blown! how old is she again"? and other annoying comments. One person remarked that I may as well have been a linebacker or a running back... just a mutilated and destroyed disc.

I was then moved to recovery. Apparently my doc stopped in and spoke to my husband briefly before she went to clean up/change. After being moved around I got the shakes and sobbing again so morphine round 2 began. I dozed off slightly... and the dr walked in. Again! I never really got to talk to her when I wasn't high or asleep. It sucked. From what my husband explained to me later, she has an entirely different opinion than my present surgeon.... the guy who wants to operate in 2 short weeks. HE says synthetic disc replacement is the way to go. SHE says no way... do standard fusion. synthetic replacement is way too new to experiment myself on... don't risk it. So here I am.... my whole life ahead of me and 2 babies who need me and I have this awful deicision ahead of me. It's miles beyond depressing. She also upset me a great deal by telling me the recovery is "about a thousand" times more painful than a csection recovery.

I went home and slept about 18 hours... then called for stronger pain meds to be called in (Norco, i believe) and they've been making me vomit all day, which in turn moves my back in an uncomfortable way.

In conclusion I wish I'd never done it. They only confirmed the MRI's and stressed me out. What a waste of a co-pay